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May 02 2017

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08:36 AM Tom_L: i suppose it's gonna start acting up now
08:45 AM skunkworks_: what did you do!
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10:59 AM jepler: skunkworks_: I read a tip yesterday on printing ABS, namely to block the lower portion of the fan duct that blows on the print. Using a piece of tape over the duct I got a print in ABS that is one of my best two ABS prints ever, so there's something to the idea.
11:00 AM jepler: 245C nozzle, 75C plate, painter's tape + glue stick
11:00 AM jepler: OTOH man the fumes from ABS printing are bad; I've also had a headache all morning that I attribute to it
11:02 AM skunkworks_: what do you mean by glue stick?
11:02 AM * skunkworks_ googles
11:03 AM skunkworks_: huh - simple as that..
11:03 AM cradek: like you used in grade school
11:04 AM skunkworks_: I don
11:04 AM skunkworks_: I don't remember glue sticks in school..
11:04 AM skunkworks_: My kids have them though
11:04 AM jepler: like the bullies would smuggle onto the playground and make you eat during recess in grade school
11:04 AM jepler: yeah it's true we had liquid elmers when I was a kid
11:05 AM jepler: and instead the bullies glued all the edges of your paper notebook shut for fun
11:05 AM skunkworks_: yes - maybe my area didn't believe in glue sticks.. Too new and fancy
11:05 AM jepler: ah those were the days
11:06 AM skunkworks_: I found out early that a 9v battery and transformer made a great self deference device..
11:07 AM skunkworks_: deference? maybe
11:07 AM skunkworks_: gotta love not paying close enough attention to the spell checker
11:08 AM jepler: "self-dereference" would be good too.
01:32 PM skunkworks_: jepler, what did you print?
01:50 PM jepler: skunkworks_: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:997/ no particular reason for it to be in ABS though
01:50 PM skunkworks_: cool
01:50 PM skunkworks_: The guys at work want me to make a bunch of spinners when I get it ;) ugh
01:51 PM skunkworks_: What is the longest print you have done?
01:52 PM jepler: umm between 4 and 8 hours probably
02:01 PM skunkworks_: for some reason I want to print one of these..
02:01 PM skunkworks_: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:290096
02:01 PM skunkworks_: for the kids...
02:14 PM jepler: does look cool
02:17 PM jepler: eek with my normal settings and .200 layer height the estimated time in cura is 11h, and that's frequently low by 50%
02:19 PM jepler: I recommend you start with something simpler
02:31 PM skunkworks_: heh - yes
02:34 PM skunkworks_: I agree
02:38 PM jepler: You should probably find something practical to print, it's great to convince spouses that that new tool is good for something.
02:42 PM jepler: hah that's neat http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2040842
05:13 PM JT-Shop2: jepler: what kind of printer do you have?
05:13 PM jepler: JT-Shop2: monoprice select mini v1
05:15 PM JT-Shop2: pretty neat printer, you print pla on it?
05:15 PM jepler: yeah mostly
05:16 PM jepler: it prints PLA and PETG quite respectably, but only 2 out of *many* ABS prints has worked out. But I'm cautiously optimistic about this fan-blocking trick for ABS
05:25 PM JT-Shop2: everything I've read about ABS is it needs an enclosure to print properly
05:31 PM JT-Shop2: that printer looks really nice for $200
06:58 PM jepler: JT-Shop2: I don't have any other 3d printer experience besides the debacle with the very early rostock delta that never worked worth a darn.
06:59 PM jepler: JT-Shop2: the Select Mini has its limitations but when your needs fit within them it performs really quite well
06:59 PM jepler: hopefully they've continued that with the v2, we'll have to wait and hear from skunkworks
07:11 PM skunkworks: og
07:45 PM jepler: Tom_L: thanks for keeping c-log upright and moving forward
08:21 PM jepler: JT-Shop2: my results in ABS have gotten so much better just by blocking the part cooling fan. https://media.unpythonic.net/emergent-files/01493770944/IMG_20170502_193056-medium.jpg