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Apr 28 2017

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01:29 PM jepler: skunkworks_: I see the "Select Mini v2" has shown up at aprice of $220 https://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=107&cp_id=10724&cs_id=1072403&p_id=21711&seq=1&format=2
01:30 PM jepler: the improvements seem modest according to the reddit thread https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/67qe25/mp_select_mini_v2_now_available/
01:30 PM jepler: a new all-metal hotend, a fan on the stepper drivers, and unspecified improvements to the frame seem to be the highlights
01:32 PM jepler: oh I also spotted that they state the heated build plate is now insulated
01:42 PM skunkworks: oh - cool. and it is black!
01:43 PM skunkworks: jepler, so I assume it comes with different sized nozzles?
01:43 PM skunkworks: jepler, thanks for looking out for me :)
01:44 PM jepler: skunkworks: no, not the v1 anyway
01:44 PM jepler: "nozzle diameter 0.4mm"
01:44 PM skunkworks: did you buy different nozzles? or how did you print different resolutions? Or am I really green at 3d printers?
01:44 PM jepler: you are :)
01:44 PM skunkworks: heh - ok
01:45 PM jepler: there is the XY thickness which is set by the nozzle
01:45 PM jepler: there's the Z layer height which is controlled in software and which you can set over a wide range -- I've done .06mm to .40mm layer height
01:46 PM skunkworks: ah - ok.
01:47 PM jepler: with a .40mm nozzle, you get a basic XY thickness of somewhere a little above .40mm, and generally you need at least two thicknesses, so the narrowest feature in XY might as well be 1mm
01:48 PM jepler: but it's not like it goes in .40mm "pixels" in X and Y, because the steppers are moving at 93 microsteps/mm.
01:48 PM jepler: while the Z layer height is pretty much like pixels
01:53 PM jepler: https://goo.gl/photos/xHjXwGN56eUSWWfM6 shows a practical minimum thickness, those are double walls of a nominal thickness of .8mm but probably closer to 1mm
01:54 PM skunkworks: cool
01:54 PM skunkworks: ordered
01:55 PM jepler: anyway some are speculating on that reddit thread that the new hotend is based on e3d. e3d does sell a range of nozzle sizes from 0.15 to 0.80. http://e3d-online.com/E3D-v6/Extra-Nozzles but I recommend sticking with what you have for starters, if only to make sure the e3d nozzles are compatible with the printer. people love designing nozzles that sorta look like a famous one but .. aren't
01:56 PM jepler: I hope you like it! If you have any questions about modeling and slicing software I'll try to help out
01:56 PM jepler: (as long as the modeling software is openscad anyway)
01:59 PM skunkworks: heh - thanks. I am sure I will have some questions. :) How do you print abs? ;) (yes - I know - you don't)
01:59 PM skunkworks: and oops - I accidentally ordered 1 roll of abs..
02:04 PM jepler: :-/ maybe you'll have better luck with ABS than me
02:06 PM skunkworks: not a big deal either way. It was a small roll of orange :)
02:06 PM skunkworks: .5kg
02:06 PM skunkworks: 12.99'
02:06 PM skunkworks: bbl
02:12 PM jepler: added another photo showing the edge view
02:12 PM jepler: interesting, how it narrows and widens twice (I think the "bottom" as printed is "top" in this photo)
02:13 PM jepler: mechanical error probably, microstepping periodic error maybe (1097.5 microsteps / mm)