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Apr 26 2017

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12:18 PM guru_florida: seb: to pick up on conversation from yesterday. The Beaglebone Black is a great board, underrated in fact. Much further ahead than RPi as far as user setup and usability with the web test interface, node.js, web IDE and Device Tree Overlay features of the kernel. I dont know why RPi platform hasnt done this yet when it's all open software. I used BBB to convert my treadmill into a
12:20 PM guru_florida: walking workstation with web control interface. :) RPi3 is considerably faster though and quad core. I have RPI 1,2,3 and BBB. I can't see why an RPi3 hardware would have any difficulty controlling a few steppers especially if you pinned a cpu to realtime. Plus we get more control over board resources (BSP) than a desktop mobo. Then with some functions offloaded to FPGA should be even
12:20 PM guru_florida: easier. I think issues are mainly ARM-related realtime compatibility issues I thought. I see PocketNC uses LinuxCNC and from some pics it looks like they use the BBB with a custom shield.
12:20 PM jepler: CUSTOMWIDGET_RELEASE_2017_04_20170420_1512
12:20 PM jepler: great tag
12:20 PM jepler: not sure, maybe 1512 is a time of day
12:23 PM seb_kuzminsky: jepler: i would blame 4/20
12:27 PM jepler: the tagger's not a 420 type but point taken
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