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Apr 13 2017

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09:48 AM pcw_home: Has anyone played with hazzy?
09:50 AM pcw_home: (New LinuxCNC touchscreen GUI with pathpilot like layout)
09:50 AM pcw_home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbPgHUxsEBA
09:51 AM cradek: it's news to me
10:43 AM seb_kuzminsky: first time i've seen it
10:47 AM seb_kuzminsky: it's by Kurt Jacobson, who's been active asking questions on the mailing list lately
10:47 AM seb_kuzminsky: https://github.com/KurtJacobson/hazzy
10:50 AM seb_kuzminsky: that's exciting!
10:50 AM * seb_kuzminsky goes to the dayjob
11:02 AM skunkworks: omg - I was just going to post that link
11:02 AM skunkworks: from here http://www.cnczone.com/forums/rf-45-clone-mill/326994-cnc-cad-engineering-10.html
11:03 AM skunkworks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbPgHUxsEBA
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01:34 PM Joe_Hildreth: When a merge has been done to the 2.7 branch, how is the master updated? Does someone manually do that, or is there a periotic cron job or something that does it.
01:34 PM Joe_Hildreth: Just wondering how it works.
01:47 PM cradek: one of us does the mergeing up
02:07 PM cradek: if we think we've done something in a lower branch that will cause a conflict when merging up, it's polite to do the merge immediately and fix the conflict, so someone else doesn't accidentally encounter it later and be less equipped to figure it out. but otherwise, there's no rush and we do the mergeup whenever. if you ever want a mergeup for any reason, just yell
02:16 PM Joe_Hildreth: Thanks cradek. I was just wondering what the process was.
02:17 PM seb_kuzminsky: Joe_Hildreth: here is a terse description of what we modeled our work flow on, searfh for "Merging upwards": https://git-scm.com/docs/gitworkflows
02:20 PM Joe_Hildreth: thanks seb. I read that section. I will read the rest of the document later when I get back home. Thanks for the link.