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Apr 06 2017

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08:29 AM jepler: > T0.03 - 10:27 EDT - Verified that production database had been deleted on master
08:30 AM jepler: I guess they had a bad day yesterday at my cloud hosting provider
08:30 AM jepler: > The root cause of this incident was a engineer-driven configuration error. A process performing automated testing was misconfigured using production credentials
09:38 AM cradek: jepler: do they expect to be able to restore it, or was it a terminal error?
09:39 AM jepler: cradek: they restored a backup, but it took several hours during which you couldn't interact with their API or web console (e.g., to create, delete, or reboot a droplet)
09:40 AM jepler: I hadn't actually noticed, because it didn't interfere with running droplets
09:43 AM skunkworks: jepler, do you still think the MP select mini was a good starter printer?
09:44 AM skunkworks: I almost bought one - but between the morning and the afternoon - they went out of stock. So now I have a cooling off period. :P
09:44 AM skunkworks: (a week or so ago)
09:45 AM jepler: skunkworks: yes, I'm still happy with it within its limitations. I get adequate prints in PLA and PETG, and I have only had to do the most minimal of "mods". The stock hotend and nozzle are still working fine after 200+ prints.
09:48 AM skunkworks: Great. I have read enough to know what to expect. (like the power supply will probably fail after an hour ;) )
09:48 AM jepler: I may have had a charmed life with this thing, I dunno
09:48 AM skunkworks: heh - you?
09:48 AM jepler: but you'll have a spare 12V 100A supply just waiting around
09:49 AM jepler: er 10A I think
09:49 AM skunkworks: they might be back in stock on the 16th
09:49 AM skunkworks: have you had any of the thermocouples fail?
09:49 AM jepler: nope
09:50 AM jepler: I have not had to touch one bit of wiring
09:50 AM skunkworks: charmed for sure :)
09:51 AM jepler: the biggest problems have been partial nozzle clogs, resolved by applying heat and then forcing filament or the end of a 1.5mm(?) allen wrench manually to push the blockage out
09:52 AM jepler: my latest creation (my 3d model, based on some other guy's concept): http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2216466 Interlocking Hexagonal Toy Bricks
09:52 AM jepler: my two blog entries: https://emergent.unpythonic.net/01483797012 https://emergent.unpythonic.net/01479582514
09:54 AM skunkworks: Cool - thanks
09:56 AM skunkworks: The consensus is - it is a nice machine for the price
09:57 AM jepler: yup, unless you have a DOA or DsoonafterA printer, but reportedly monoprice is liberal with returns
10:05 AM skunkworks: how fine have you printed?
10:06 AM skunkworks: ah - .06
10:07 AM archivist: ew blog with images on an unusable google
10:19 AM jepler: skunkworks: yeah I think the fine-grained one here is .06 http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1945999
01:53 PM IchGucksLive: HI is this known to the devels here that someone took all the wikipedia simple generators off to a github
01:54 PM IchGucksLive: and rewriten the wiki on this to the github directory
01:54 PM IchGucksLive: lots of people me included did strong work to benefit the community
01:55 PM IchGucksLive: the foam Airfoil is completly missed out
01:55 PM IchGucksLive: at 800 Downloads a month not good as it seams to be in need
01:55 PM IchGucksLive: and not linked anymore
01:56 PM IchGucksLive: Gn8
01:56 PM IchGucksLive: NP but not amoused ;-)
01:57 PM jepler: IchGucksLive: if njh failed to move something into the github repository, please create an issue on the github repository https://github.com/LinuxCNC/simple-gcode-generators
01:57 PM jepler: ichguckslive: You may also re-add any content to the wiki that you feel should not have been removed
01:58 PM jepler: to anyone who is having trouble figuring out what's going on, "njh" removed most of the content of several wiki pages on Feb 5, replacing them with a link to github
01:58 PM jepler: (diff) Cam 5:10 am [Updated link for Simple G-code generators in Python] . . . . . Njh
01:58 PM jepler: (diff) Simple EMC G-Code Generators 5:09 am [Replace page with link to GitHub] . . . . . Njh
01:58 PM jepler: (diff) Simple LinuxCNC G-Code Generators 5:06 am [Removed and replaced with link to GitHub] . . . . . Njh
01:58 PM jepler: sometime before that(?) we made the decision to put simple-gcode-generators under the linuxcnc organization on github
01:59 PM jepler: anyway that is what I'm piecing together
01:59 PM jepler: IchGucksLive: If you only have 5 minutes to be present on IRC to discuss an issue, please consider using a different conversation method, because often nobody is around to talk about an issue that quickly. i'm worried you won't even see these responses.
03:13 PM skunkworks: andypugh, had a dream about you last night... You for some reason left your ipad pro and I was trying to figure out how to get it back to you. Random.
03:14 PM andypugh: Very random. So, where is it? I could use an iPad..
03:14 PM skunkworks: I probably lost it.
03:50 PM Tom_itx: andypugh were those clip on led goosneck lights you got from ikea USB powered?
03:51 PM andypugh: The ones I have were not clip-on and were powered by a 4V supply. But they work fine on USB power.
03:51 PM Tom_itx: so they came with a wallwart?
03:52 PM andypugh: Yes.
03:52 PM Tom_itx: i ordered a couple the other day
03:52 PM Tom_itx: was looking on ebay and noticed most of those were USB powered
03:52 PM Tom_itx: made me wonder
03:54 PM andypugh: One has died, I keep meaning to replace it, but I also have a ring-light I want to try.
05:05 PM Tom_itx is now known as Tom_L
05:23 PM Joe_Hildreth: I have a beginner question about github. I forked the linuxcnc repo, made some changes and commited then made a pull request. The pull request was accepted and now I want to make some more changes.
05:25 PM Joe_Hildreth: I have added the upstream remote and done an upstream pull. When I do I get a message that a pull is not possible because I have unmerged files. The file is the one that I added previously.
05:26 PM Joe_Hildreth: when I do a git status I get both added <The file I added>
05:26 PM Joe_Hildreth: How do I fix this? or merge them?
05:29 PM Joe_Hildreth: Never mind, I think I figured it out.
06:27 PM skunkworks: zlog
06:46 PM -!- #linuxcnc-devel mode set to +v by ChanServ
09:38 PM cradek: Joe_Hildreth: that's because the commit I made for you is different from the one in your pull request (because I moved it to another branch and also fixed up your email - either change is enough to make it different). Now they clash. So you'll want to discard your commit and take ours, using something like git reset --hard [linuxcnc's upstream corresponding branch]
09:39 PM cradek: again I know how to do this in git but not so much on github - but maybe with that information you'll be able to figure it out
09:39 PM cradek: (I hope you see my responses after you leave)
09:47 PM DrippityDrops: we need to find the top 10 smartest people in every BASH, PYTHON, C, etc programming channels and mail them a LinuxCNC based 3d printer... the work load would probably be cut in half within 3 years
09:47 PM DrippityDrops: they would love it and then come fix everything :)
10:29 PM -!- #linuxcnc-devel mode set to +v by ChanServ
10:41 PM Joe_Hildreth: I have a general developing question. Maybe someone can answer.
10:42 PM Joe_Hildreth: When I fork the linuxcnc repo, then clone it to my local computer, should I create a branch to work in, then send that branch back to my copy of the repo?
10:43 PM DrippityDrops: Joe_Hildreth: cradek left you messages after you had gone earlier
10:43 PM DrippityDrops: did you see the logs?
10:43 PM Joe_Hildreth: Then make a pull request from that branch I made?
10:43 PM Joe_Hildreth: How do you see the logs?
10:44 PM Joe_Hildreth: I haven't done much of this IRC chat stuff.
10:47 PM Joe_Hildreth: Thank you DrippityDRops.
10:48 PM DrippityDrops: thank tom! =D
10:50 PM Joe_Hildreth: I have been trying to figure out, git and github. It is a lot to digest.
10:51 PM Joe_Hildreth: Or should I work from an existing branch like master or 2.7 where applicable?