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Mar 08 2017

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07:12 AM jepler: looks like someone will need to transition it from gstreamer 0.10 to gstreamer 1.0
07:56 AM KGB-linuxcnc: 03Dewey Garrett 052.7 a761a4e 06linuxcnc Merge origin/aux_gladevcp_apps_v2 into z_2.7 * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=a761a4e
09:45 AM seb_kuzminsky: yay, aux apps merged!
09:46 AM seb_kuzminsky: that'll make it easier for folks to use things like nativecam, which is distributed as an independent deb
09:46 AM seb_kuzminsky: dewey and fern have been working on it, i hope to add nativecam debs to wlo soonish
09:46 AM seb_kuzminsky: then it's feeling like 2.7.9 time
09:46 AM seb_kuzminsky: does anyone have anything they're burning to get in before the next release?
10:47 AM KGB-linuxcnc: 03Dewey Garrett 05master 2aaae01 06linuxcnc 10(7 files in 5 dirs) Merge 'origin/2.7' into z_master * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=2aaae01
11:19 AM JT-Shop: seb_kuzminsky: I have the latency histogram gui ready for either master or 2.7 thanks to Dewey's help :)
11:19 AM jepler: more views on the github TOS change https://lwn.net/SubscriberLink/716372/8ae2c6a2124db766/
11:21 AM jepler: I'll have to read D.5 again. It is intended to give github projects the same kinds of protection that our signed-off-by policy does. Perhaps it's time to re-re-consider switching from "require SoB" to "require github PR, no SoB required"
11:22 AM jepler: (and move our primary git to github, so that we can actually click the "merge PR" buttons)
01:06 PM cradek: I think for the first time I feel fairly neutral about moving to github
01:07 PM cradek: participating there has been good for our project
01:07 PM seb_kuzminsky: yep
01:07 PM cradek: like sourceforge, I expect it to get worse over time and eventually become unusable, but that's not a great reason to avoid using it today
01:08 PM cradek: (become unusable or just disappear - hard to predict which will happen first)
06:57 PM skunkworks: pcw_home, does the 5i25 i/o have pull ups?
06:59 PM skunkworks: pcw_home, ok - the manual says it does
07:11 PM pcw_mesa: Yes all I/O have pullup resistors (to 5V)
07:14 PM skunkworks: what value?
07:14 PM pcw_mesa: about $.02
07:15 PM skunkworks: heh
07:15 PM skunkworks: ohms
07:15 PM pcw_mesa: you walked into that one...
07:15 PM pcw_mesa: 3.3K
07:16 PM skunkworks: yes
07:16 PM skunkworks: hmm
07:16 PM skunkworks: ok
07:16 PM skunkworks: I am reserecting the emco optical spindle encoder
07:16 PM skunkworks: it counts at very low rpms
07:17 PM skunkworks: the original circuit had 1k pull ups
07:17 PM skunkworks: (simple darlington interuptors)
07:17 PM pcw_mesa: Yeah Darlingtons will be slow
07:17 PM skunkworks: so I was going to put 1k from A to +5 and see if that helps
07:18 PM skunkworks: it originally worked.. :) counted up to 3krpm
07:18 PM pcw_mesa: yeah that shoud fix it (or ~1.5K for 1K combo)
07:19 PM pcw_mesa: (1.5k parallel with 3.3k ~= 1K)
07:23 PM skunkworks: hmm - didn't help much
07:23 PM skunkworks: I am going to have to scope it
07:36 PM pcw_mesa: software or hardware encoder counter?
08:45 PM skunkworks: hardware hooked directly to the 5i25
09:04 PM andypugh: Hmm. From the forum “Twisted to reduce inductance” Does that do that?
10:22 PM jepler: cradek: we won't have the worst problems if github "becomes unusable or just disappears". for instance, debian will soon have hundreds of packages that have "github" in the package name, because they are software whose canonical home is on github and that is how 'go' packaging works.
10:23 PM jepler: with cvs, sf held the keys to the kingdom; few if any users kept a proper backup of cvs. but of course everyone does that with git