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Mar 01 2017

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08:33 AM stustev: http://www.helmancnc.com/cnc-dry-run/ - this is what we need - a dry run switch - doesn't matter what it is called but we need this capability
09:29 AM cradek: > In Dry Run all the cnc blocks whether those are starting with G00 or G01 and other G-code like G02/G03 run with the same feed, which is controlled through Feed Override [the wheel].
09:29 AM cradek: this is exactly what touchy's MV wheel control does
09:30 AM cradek: it doesn't matter if they are G0 or G1/2/3 they all get capped and you can change it with the wheel while it's going
09:31 AM cradek: I do exactly this on my machine to proof every new program, it works great
09:34 AM cradek: brb
09:45 AM stustev: If that is already there then what are they whining about? I will find out. Thanks
09:57 AM cradek: well to be fair there is no documentation, and the touchy screen isn't very self-evident with all its two-letter abbreviations and stuff
12:21 PM jepler: someone (possibly a nut) raises concerns about GitHub's new terms of use vs GPL: https://www.mirbsd.org/permalinks/wlog-10_e20170301-tg.htm#e20170301-tg_wlog-10
12:22 PM jepler: tl;dr: users must grant github rights that they don't receive when GPL software is conveyed to them, which is the situation of any GPL project that receives contributions but does not obtain a license assignment
12:35 PM cradek: if the thing you put in github is source code, I don't see how D4 is contrary to copyleft
12:39 PM pcw_home: seb_kuzminsky: yes if I can figure out how
12:40 PM jepler: cradek: I haven't read the license myself. It's worth noting that some projects do put release builds on github but this wouldn't affect us
12:40 PM cradek: but if you put your tarball of binaries+source on github, and github is "granted" (coercively with this TOS) the license to modify [remove the source] and distribute [the binaries only] that sure is contrary to copyleft
12:41 PM cradek: of course I only scanned the parts this post points me to
01:00 PM andypugh: So, to drive an external offset from a HAL component synchronised to spindle position I could set the eoffset.counts to 1 and change the “scale” value?
01:29 PM dgarr: andypugh: no counts,scale work just like jogwheel inputs (i will work on the wording in the docs)
01:31 PM dgarr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ub6J9xIRTks
01:31 PM dgarr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1Lb5rjx2do
01:31 PM dgarr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4TVK_OniJ4
01:32 PM dgarr: and current docs: http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/doc/scratch/v2.8.0~pre1~dgarr-external-offsets~0543868/html/motion/external-offsets.html
01:39 PM andypugh: dgarr: I read the docs, that was what prompted the question,
01:40 PM dgarr: at least i write docs
01:40 PM andypugh: Yes, that’s a definite plus :-)
01:42 PM andypugh: The third example video looks like what I would like to do to make a relieving-lathe config.
01:45 PM jepler: yeah, I've spent a little more time reading the ToS. Just like all ToSses they're not great, but I don't read the D.4 and D.5 sections as requiring anything that isn't permitted under the GPL, at least when dealing only with the Work in source code form.
01:49 PM cradek: jepler: I think the attribution and separate-patches-on-unmodified-original-only concerns are likely to be real problems
01:52 PM andypugh: dgarr: In the third video, are you converting a siggen output to S32 to drive the eoffset.counts pin?
01:53 PM dgarr: yes but scaling *10000 and scaling eoffset-scale by reciprocal 1/10000
01:54 PM andypugh: I just reaslied that is one of the sample configs. I see the HAL file now.
01:55 PM dgarr: all three videos are sample configs
01:55 PM andypugh: Just figured that out. :-) Back from work and not woken up yet.
02:16 PM andypugh: dgarr (when you come back) I think I can see how to progress with the eoffset branch and the releiving lathe. But it won’t be this week, I don’t think.
08:11 PM KGB-linuxcnc: 03Dewey Garrett 05dgarr/external_offsets dd3e392 06linuxcnc 10(48 files in 12 dirs) External Axis Offset hal pins * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=dd3e392