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Feb 28 2017

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01:57 PM KimK_laptop: Is there an ini/config option for Touchy to cause the MV to display as a % of maximum machine rate instead of IPM/mmM?
01:58 PM cradek: nope
01:58 PM KimK_laptop: OK, thank you.
02:07 PM pcw_mesa: ack! thpppt! looks like both Mesa EPP drivers are busted in 2.7 and master
02:07 PM cradek: !?
02:08 PM pcw_mesa: shows how long ago its been that I tested them
02:09 PM cradek: what's wrong?
02:09 PM pcw_mesa: hm2_7i90 and hm2_7i43 same symptoms, load ok even if no hardware present, and dont work (no pins) if hardware is present
02:12 PM KimK_laptop: pcw_mesa: EPP as in EPP parallel port? Funny you should mention that, I was going to write you to ask if the, what, 7i92(?) would work (or could be modified/reprogrammed to work) as a replacement for an EPP parallel port device?
02:12 PM pcw_mesa: Yes it should be possible (just a hm2 module probably)
02:12 PM KimK_laptop: To keep an existing parallel EPP device, but connect via ethernet?
02:14 PM pcw_mesa: yeah probably not too hard but drivers for the EPP device would need to be modified to talk to the 7I92
02:19 PM KimK_laptop: Modifying the drivers should be doable. I know you are behind on 7i92, I'm behind on a lot of things too. I'll eventually put one or two on order for this purpose. Maybe I can help with this in some way?
02:20 PM cradek: seems like it would be a big project
02:22 PM KimK_laptop: Back to Touchy for a moment, is there a way to restore the previous behavior (2.4?) where reducing feedrate override (FO) reduces both feed and rapid?
02:22 PM seb_kuzminsky: we ran that orange robot arm on master with a 7i43 at the most recent hackfest
02:24 PM pcw_mesa: If I do
02:24 PM pcw_mesa: loadrt hostmot2
02:24 PM pcw_mesa: loadrt hm2_7i90
02:24 PM pcw_mesa: I get no pins and no complaints
02:24 PM pcw_mesa: (with or without a 7i90 connected)
02:25 PM cradek: KimK_laptop: ugh, no, I figured some people would dislike that change (rapid override)
02:25 PM cradek: you could make it affect both, or what would probably be better, add another button so you can set the rapid override
02:28 PM KimK_laptop: I think they want one adjustment that affects both, on a percentage basis. (Where FO would be a % of programmed feed, and RO would be a % of machine maximum.) Though I see the advantage of having separate adjustments.
02:29 PM cradek: lots of people wanted them separate. it seemed like virtually nobody wanted one % override that affected both feed and rapid
02:29 PM cradek: I sympathize with that old behavior being kinda stupid
02:30 PM cradek: I think FO in % and maxvel in units/minute is what really makes the most sense, but not everyone agrees
02:30 PM KimK_laptop: Plus percentage (assuming 1% steps) can be halted in one rotation, where a machine with 500ipm travel would take 5 handwheel rotations to halt using MV.
02:30 PM seb_kuzminsky: pcw_mesa: is there a release of 2.7 where it works (on this particular set of hardware)?
02:31 PM cradek: yes but you can't set it to 1ipm max, because 1% of 500 is 5
02:31 PM cradek: best to use the feed hold switch if you want it to stop now
02:31 PM KimK_laptop: Yes, change is hard, "it's different than it was!" Plus $BRAND_NAME_OF_OTHER_MACHINES_IN_THE_SHOP machines don't do it that way.
02:32 PM cradek: sure
02:32 PM KimK_laptop: But I could add a % rapid button to Touchy?
02:32 PM pcw_mesa: I just tested master and 2.7.7 not sure how to revert to <2.7.7
02:32 PM cradek: I'd happily review a patch that adds rapid override % to the wheel
02:33 PM cradek: it would be a separate button showing RO% just like FO%
02:33 PM KimK_laptop: That's still two buttons, but it might satisfy them.
02:33 PM cradek: I would not want a change to revert to the old behavior setting FO and RO to the same value
02:36 PM KimK_laptop: I would agree with you, but if I may speak for Stuart, I think he would say, "if that's what someone wants, why not let them have that?"
02:37 PM KimK_laptop: They would have to pick it in config/ini of course, not default.
02:38 PM cradek: because even after development, profileration of options has costs in maintenance and testing coverage, and this causes rarely-used options or features to harbor bugs or become unmaintained/broken over time
02:38 PM cradek: so adding options for every whim makes the software much worse
02:38 PM cradek: of course you and stuart are free to maintain your own version, changed to work however you want
02:40 PM cradek: currently touchy has no configuration or options declared in the ini file - they are all set on-screen - so adding the first one feels especially yucky to me - it would need to be for a very good reason to start down that road
02:41 PM cradek: I hope I'm not lecturing - I'm trying to give a serious answer to your (good) question
02:43 PM KimK_laptop: No, not at all, and I appreciate your answer very much. I'm just looking for the easiest and quickest way to make the maximum number of participants happy.
02:44 PM cradek: I think it'd be nice if you'd add the RO% button
02:44 PM cradek: otherwise you could ask your guy "are you sure MV doesn't already do what you want?"
02:45 PM KimK_laptop: Add the RO% button as always on? I mean always appearing and active on the Touchy screen?
02:45 PM cradek: yeah it'd be up there with the others
02:54 PM KimK_laptop: Re: ...already does what you want, Yes, I think it's fine as is, it works now like a classic Fanuc where there's a FO% switch (16-position rotary, 0%-150%?) and a RO% (5-position rotary: feed, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
02:55 PM KimK_laptop: (continued...) Unfortunately $CUSTOMER would like it to work like a classic Haas, where there's a "Universal Override"(?) that drives both FO and RO.
02:56 PM pcw_mesa: seb_kuzminsky: OK a normal 7I90 config works, just halrun/halcmd dont give the expected results with hm2_7i43 and hm2_7i90
02:56 PM pcw_mesa: ( hm2_pci and hm2_eth do the expected thing ) weird
02:57 PM KimK_laptop: (The Fanuc rotary switches I described above are the "classic" style, just for reference, not what $CUSTOMER has over there. )
03:21 PM KimK_laptop: $CUSTOMER just advised that when they get a new machine, the first thing they do (per universal operator request) is set the parameter bit that makes RO% controlled by FO%. This may be similar to what MV does, but the operators expect that FO is the thing to adjust, and will control both. So it makes the MV knob a hard thing to sell there. I'm still working on it.
03:33 PM pcw_mesa: seb_kuzminsky: OK found the problem with the EPP drivers, they silently fail if the config string is not present
03:39 PM pcw_mesa: config=" " works config="" fails (driver loads without complaint but never communicates with card)
06:01 PM seb_kuzminsky: pcw_mesa: good sleuthing! that's a surprising behavior
07:29 PM pcw_mesa: surprised me I thought it was totally broken
07:29 PM pcw_mesa: I'm used to just loadrt hostmot2; loadrt hm2_xxx; show pin
07:29 PM pcw_mesa: but that does not work with the EPP drivers
07:30 PM andypugh: Have you tried Jon Elson’s discovery?
07:40 PM pcw_mesa: No, but I dont think the Mesa driver changes direction (so might not work with really old parallel hardware)
07:41 PM pcw_mesa: this is an unrelated modparam parsing issue with hm2_7i43 and hm2_7i90
09:43 PM KGB-linuxcnc: 03Dewey Garrett 05dgarr/external_offsets 0543868 06linuxcnc 10(48 files in 12 dirs) External Axis Offset hal pins * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=0543868
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10:17 PM seb_kuzminsky: pcw_mesa: will you open an issue on github for it?