#linuxcnc-devel | Logs for 2016-11-12

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[10:12:49] <mozmck> I've had several requests to replace the cone tool with a cross-hair Plasma cutting is all 2D so this should work just fine. I've made the cross-hair tool, but it draws underneath everything else and I'm having trouble understanding why right now.
[11:20:11] <mozmck> Oh, I just needed to change the Z depth
[11:20:33] <JT-Shop> mozmck: cool
[11:21:17] <mozmck> I also figured out how to make gremlin load colors from a file, so it's themeable :-)
[11:25:30] <JT-Shop> you will be a hero to pink lol
[15:19:50] <mozmck> Can anyone tell me what the option.py file is for in lib/python/rs274 ?
[15:21:23] <mozmck> options.py
[17:54:42] <jepler> mozmck: it sets defaults for Tk widgets and other things in AXIS that use the X defaults system
[17:55:10] <jepler> it's probably not well named :-P
[17:56:44] <jepler> you can tell from how often it's changed how hot a topic it is for development. it's not of use for any UI not written in Tk.
[17:56:54] <jepler> python/tkinter that is
[18:46:43] <mozmck> jepler: thanks - makes sense.
[18:47:59] <mozmck> I noticed that it has settings for colors in the live view - do those actually do anything?
[19:49:40] <jepler> I think so! but only for axis, not gremlin