#linuxcnc-devel | Logs for 2016-10-24

[07:59:47] <skunkworks> successful festing?
[07:59:54] <skunkworks> any highlights?
[09:14:26] <mozmck_lp> zlog
[09:35:45] <jepler> urwid + hal could give a terminal-based panel alternative. Example in 59 lines: https://emergent.unpythonic.net/files/sandbox/ur-hal.py
[09:35:57] <jepler> I bet an urwid dro using nml via linuxcnc module would be similarly simple
[09:36:35] <jepler> urstick (keystick-alterntive using urwid) would take more code but somebody sure could do it
[09:38:04] <mozmck_lp> What would this be for? A remote GUI?
[09:38:23] <jepler> no clue
[09:38:36] <jepler> I just felt like fiddling around
[09:38:47] <jepler> in a recent thread on the users list somebody was sad that keystick is removed
[09:38:57] <mozmck_lp> Ah, I see.
[09:44:06] <seb_kuzm1nsky> i often test linuxcnc on a text console with no graphics, by using the python interpreter as my DISPLAY
[09:45:02] <seb_kuzminsky> i'm sympathetic to wanting a tool like keystick, though i never used the old keystick because it couldn't do what i wanted (call specific linuxcnc.commands at will, inspect linuxcnc.stat fields)
[09:45:30] <seb_kuzminsky> so i keep thinking about writing a text-based UI, but it'd probably be more developer-y than user-y
[09:45:44] <seb_kuzminsky> i'd never seen urwid before, looks nicer than curses
[09:58:34] <jepler> I'm near-certain that you could put a python repl inside an urwid widget
[10:13:26] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05master 8543088 06linuxcnc 10docs/src/config/python-interface.txt docs: fix markup * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=8543088
[10:13:26] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05master e14b8fb 06linuxcnc 10docs/src/config/python-interface.txt docs: who knows what stat.velocity is? I don't. * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=e14b8fb
[10:15:52] <skunkworks> did you guys work on state tags?
[10:16:36] -linuxcnc-github:#linuxcnc-devel- [13linuxcnc] 15cradek closed issue #202: Python interface - stat.velocity does not return value 02https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/issues/202
[10:17:33] <skunkworks> ooh - looks like you guys did
[10:18:19] -linuxcnc-github:#linuxcnc-devel- [13linuxcnc] 15jepler commented on issue #179: It will probably also be necessary to look at your specific config file. The config files from before the conversion to JA will also be useful to diagnose if the problem turns out to be in the config converter.... 02https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/issues/179#issuecomment-255762578
[10:21:02] <seb_kuzminsky> skunkworks: we did! its not 100% yet but close
[10:28:35] <skunkworks> awesome
[10:50:31] <skunkworks> any other highlights from the fest?
[10:51:11] <skunkworks> archivist, pressed the 2 cycle crank back together. brass hammer aligned it
[10:52:26] <skunkworks> http://electronicsam.com/images/matsuura/20161021_194706.jpg
[11:00:14] -linuxcnc-github:#linuxcnc-devel- [13linuxcnc] 15gmoccapy commented on issue #202: If that should not be used, we should take the attribute out of the documentation, not say, it has no usefull function. If it not usefull, get rid of it!... 02https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/issues/202#issuecomment-255775161
[11:06:01] <archivist> skunkworks, had it on V's and rotated it?
[11:10:23] <skunkworks> yes
[11:14:28] <jepler> grgrgrgrngnrgnrg
[11:14:34] -linuxcnc-github:#linuxcnc-devel- [13linuxcnc] 15jepler commented on issue #202: please feel free to do as you think is best in this matter. 02https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/issues/202#issuecomment-255779464
[11:46:18] <cradek> skunkworks: statetags is super close to being ready for master. all we have to decide is what should happen when you abort now.
[11:46:23] <cradek> mozmck_lp: did you get the thing?
[11:49:14] <mozmck_lp> zlog
[11:49:56] <mozmck_lp> cradek: Looks like it will be about 2PM here
[11:50:31] <cradek> ah, great
[11:50:45] <cradek> I hope you have a mesa device with a 50 pin connector to drive it
[11:50:59] <cradek> I almost sent my 80%-confident-it's-working-7i43 along too, but didn't
[11:51:13] <mozmck_lp> Hmm, not the 50 pin I don't think.
[11:51:17] <cradek> darnit
[11:51:39] <mozmck_lp> I have some with DB25s - I'm sure I can hook it up
[11:52:19] <cradek> you could, but it'd be a royal pain compared to plugging it in
[11:52:40] <cradek> sigh
[12:00:45] <mozmck_lp> Don't worry about it right now. I can make up cables and all.
[12:00:49] <mozmck_lp> bbl
[13:08:51] <skunkworks> cradek, what do state tags do? I have fogotten it has been a while.
[13:19:31] <jepler> Skunkworks: it makes the state of the interpreter after an abort more consistent and match usage expectations better, by restoring modal codes for the line that was actually being handled by motion at the time of abort, not leaving the state that resulted from reading ahead
[13:28:51] <skunkworks> jepler, cool - thanks.
[13:47:02] <cradek> also makes the active g-codes readout be correct during a program run
[13:50:15] -linuxcnc-github:#linuxcnc-devel- [13linuxcnc] 15gmoccapy commented on issue #200: Jepler, you added a label enhancement, but IMHO it is wrong and should be treated as a bug.... 02https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/issues/200#issuecomment-255822939
[13:59:15] <jepler> sigh
[13:59:32] <jepler> somebody else want to stop me before I have a github meltdown
[14:47:31] <skunkworks> cool (state tags - not jepler rage)
[16:16:54] <kwallace_ofcb> In case of interest, a while back I asked about what is inside of an Eincar radio (Linux OS) because I thought there might be potential for using one as a controller of some sort. I had to order one to find out. UPS delivered it today and here is what I have found so far:
[16:16:54] <kwallace_ofcb> http://wallacecompany.com/tmp/Eincar_radio/IMG_2440-1a.jpg
[16:16:54] <kwallace_ofcb> http://www.allwinnertech.com/index.php?c=product&a=index&id=27
[16:16:54] <kwallace_ofcb> http://www.riversunhk.com/en/audio-switch-and-control-ic-tm-tm2313
[16:23:53] <jepler> ARM926EJ-S with ARM Jazelle technology, which enables the direct execution of 8-bit Java bytecode in hardware, and an MMU
[16:25:40] <jepler> (quoth wikipedia)
[16:25:47] <cradek> weird, in statetags I'm getting many messages for each mdi command I type, making the AXIS toolbar stuff do a little dance
[16:26:32] <cradek> setmode=3 synch execute (linear move) teleop-enable setmode=3 synch teleop-enable
[16:26:46] <cradek> this ain't right
[16:27:30] <jepler> sounds likely to break mdi pipelining too(?)
[16:27:37] <cradek> yeah surely
[16:27:45] <cradek> trying master
[16:27:58] <jepler> kwallace_ofcb: http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/Generic_Android_Head_Unit links a bunch of threads, one of them might be your device
[16:28:17] <jepler> looks like, assuming it runs android, a common next move is to use the android debugging interface (adb) to learn more about what you've got..
[16:29:02] <cradek> master does it too
[16:29:04] <cradek> trying 2.7
[16:30:21] <jepler> could be the ui's fault too
[16:30:48] <cradek> [eagle shedding a a single tear]
[16:30:57] <cradek> a
[16:32:36] <kwallace_ofcb> The attraction was that it is supposed to be running Linux: http://www.ebay.com/itm/302071515850 . I'm trying to get it fired up now, but it might take a while.
[16:35:31] <cradek> 2.7 works as expected
[16:41:38] <cradek> back in master: queueing does work. if it's still busy when you type the second mdi command, it doesn't do the extra messages
[16:42:34] <cradek> it doesn't seem to harm anything, but it's definitely surprising
[16:45:35] <cradek> tklinuxcnc doesn't send the extra messages, but it is differently wrong (shows joint numbers when in mdi mode)
[16:47:01] <jepler> I'm sure tklinuxcnc needs to be deleted^W^W^Wextensive care from a competent software developer
[16:52:20] <cradek> touchy works all as expected
[17:21:09] <Tom_itx> stuart have any retrofits at his new shop?
[17:21:46] <cradek> a few in progress, one already done
[23:57:26] <newbiex0001> hello~ gurus~
[23:57:44] <newbiex0001> thx for ur effors.
[23:57:59] <newbiex0001> I'm a newbie in linuxcnx world.
[23:58:19] <newbiex0001> And now trying build non-realtime platform
[23:58:48] <newbiex0001> my question is......
[23:59:44] <newbiex0001> is it a right "./configure --with-realtime=uspace"??