#linuxcnc-devel | Logs for 2016-05-23

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[07:35:40] <jepler> https://www.harihareswara.net/sumana/2016/05/21/0
[07:37:25] <archivist> The connection to www.harihareswara.net was interrupted while the page was loading
[07:39:10] <jepler> huh, it's loading here. it's a transcription of a talk "Inessential Weirdnesses in Open Source Software (OSCON 2016)"
[07:42:43] <archivist> there are more and more buggy sites out there recently
[07:48:49] <tinkerer> jepler: good Monday morning :)
[07:49:07] <tinkerer> do you have time for reviewing?
[07:49:47] <tinkerer> testing respectively.
[07:58:14] <tinkerer> I must say, Gene has right.
[08:25:57] <jepler> tinkerer: not right this second. if you are a github user, please consider making a github pull request so that I can look at your code when I have time.
[08:36:49] <tinkerer> code is here: https://github.com/tinkercnc/spi-fpga-driver/tree/master/RaspberryPi/sandbox/linuxcnc
[08:37:13] <tinkerer> It's out of the source tree
[08:39:08] <tinkerer> so it works with "halcomp --install hm2_rpspi.c" without the whole source tree. just with linuxcnc and linuxcnc-dev packages.
[09:10:59] <jepler> what aspect of it are you asking for review of?
[09:17:58] <jepler> I see that you have had to copy hostmot2 headers from the linuxcnc source tree into your source tree. this is less than ideal for both of us, so I'd love to see a pull request that adds the related headers to our -dev package
[09:55:19] <tinkerer> there are exactly just 2 (two) files.
[09:57:08] <tinkerer> with a define for switching between in and out of the source tree
[09:57:14] <tinkerer> nothing more
[10:01:32] <jepler> what I'm trying to say is, taking a copy of a header file from a particular version of our source tree is not a good idea.
[10:02:07] <jepler> because if the definition of structures changes from one version of linuxcnc to another, then it will break in a weird way
[10:02:18] <tinkerer> It's a very good idea when you have to compile on a tiny Arm machine
[10:02:41] <jepler> I am not saying separate compilation of a hardware driver is a bad idea
[10:02:56] <tinkerer> but and but and but....
[10:03:20] <tinkerer> contributing is a gauntlet...
[10:03:35] <cradek> jepler is trying to help you improve your code, which is the idea behind review
[10:04:06] <cradek> please be open to ideas for improvement and working together
[10:04:18] <tinkerer> you have forgotten the <iron> tags
[10:04:41] <tinkerer> there are just 2 files
[10:04:52] <jepler> let alone the <clay> tags
[10:05:50] <jepler> anyway, I am trying to say: LinuxCNC is not best serving the needs of a user/developer who wants to build a mesa hardware driver outside the source tree.
[10:06:03] <jepler> LinuxCNC would better serve those needs if these header files were included in the -dev package
[10:06:13] <jepler> and that I am open to a patch or pull request that adds them
[10:07:01] <jepler> This is a benefit to you, because it means that later when LinuxCNC changes the definitions in the hostmot2 headers, you will automatically adapt to those changes (or give a compile-time error if that's not possible)
[10:07:17] <tinkerer> wow, what a bureaucracy
[10:07:28] <jepler> for instance, between 2.7.x and master branch, in linuxcnc we changed the definition of the hostmot2_t structure by adding the fields num_pktuarts and pktuart
[10:07:43] <tinkerer> it have nothing to do with changes in the master
[10:08:53] <tinkerer> yes, but I've not the intention to develop this driver for months
[10:09:27] <jepler> I'm sorry if I've misunderstood the type of feedback you are looking for.
[10:12:26] <tinkerer> 2 hours lost
[10:24:25] <archivist> he does read help is the wrong way
[10:24:31] <archivist> is.in
[10:42:01] * pcw_home does not envy jeplers cat herding
[11:01:09] <skunkworks_> zlog
[11:01:26] <jepler> I would like to help tinkerer, I am just having trouble understanding the help that is requested.
[11:19:57] <skunkworks_> that skunkworks guy is everywhere
[12:24:29] <archivist> I wonder if some language translation is going wrong
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[19:10:43] <mozmck> I have a guy getting an hm2_eth error: enqueue_read ERROR: reading packet: recv() -> -1 Resource temporarily unavailable (expected to read 44 bytes)
[19:11:14] <mozmck> That is right after it says it "discovered 7I92"
[19:11:24] <mozmck> what might cause that error?
[19:11:33] <seb_kuzminsky> i think that means hm2_eth tried to read a packet, but none was available
[19:12:01] <mozmck> So what might cause that?
[19:12:18] <seb_kuzminsky> i dont know
[19:12:25] <seb_kuzminsky> call jepler on the bat-phone
[19:12:32] <mozmck> heh!
[19:13:01] <mozmck> I should be getting that system in - hopefully I can replicate it.
[19:14:51] <seb_kuzminsky> which commit of linuxcnc is it running?
[19:21:17] <mozmck> It is 2.7.4
[19:50:04] <PCW_> what host hardware?
[19:51:43] <mozmck> PCW_: I believe it's a Dell with intel nic - not sure of the cpu. We have used a lot of these though without problems.
[19:52:55] <PCW_> yeah, I dont think ive seen that error for a long time (and I think it was do to a setup error)
[19:54:01] <mozmck> Huh. I wonder if putting a switch in between the PC and 7i92 could do that? I didn't think to ask him that.
[19:54:52] <PCW_> possibly, especially if it ever drops packets
[19:56:58] <PCW_> I have used a GigE switch to run 4 Ethernet cards at once at 2 KHz so a switch thats dedicated doesn't have to hurt
[19:57:36] <PCW_> if there is other traffic, all bets are off
[19:59:34] <mozmck> I'll ask the guy. I know one user had some problems when using a wireless mouse, but I think that was realtime errors. This one won't even start most of the time he says.
[20:16:05] <PCW_> yeah, thats strange
[20:23:42] <skunkworks__> zlog