#linuxcnc-devel | Logs for 2015-11-08

[07:22:51] <JT-Mobile> Yea the new forum is up and running
[07:23:46] <JT-Mobile> It seems to be easier to read on my phone now
[07:27:48] <JT-Mobile> I'll remove that message about the forum going to read mode in a bit when we get back to the house
[08:38:32] <jepler> oh on the old site? thanks
[08:42:48] <jepler> .. I think I managed to do it myself
[10:32:25] <jthornton> zlog
[10:44:50] <jthornton> I created a test account but can't log into the forum using that user name and password
[10:45:05] <jepler> uh oh
[10:45:21] <jepler> I had created several test accounts the first time but didn't try it yesterday
[10:45:24] <jepler> let me look into it
[10:45:29] <jthornton> ok
[10:45:42] <jthornton> I don't see a place to register on the forum either
[10:46:14] <jepler> then how did you create a test account?
[10:46:36] <jthornton> on the main page
[10:46:45] <jthornton> lower left
[10:46:53] <jepler> you mean on www.linuxcnc.org ?
[10:47:11] <jthornton> yes
[10:47:13] <jepler> www.linuxcnc.org and forum.linuxcnc.org accounts are not connected
[10:47:19] <jepler> can you remove that login box please?
[10:48:04] <jthornton> ok
[10:57:19] <jthornton> got rid of the register button... looking for the login switch
[10:57:22] <jepler> jthornton: there should be a "create an accont" button now
[10:57:33] <jepler> on flo
[10:58:03] <seb_kuzminsky> omg omg i just got a pull request for the new website
[10:58:12] <jepler> testing it now
[10:58:56] <jepler> hm it says it has to be approved but that option is turned off
[10:59:16] <jthornton> yep I see create account
[11:00:34] <jepler> oh I failed to read the screen, it's a "click link to finish registration"
[11:02:29] <jepler> oh I think I need to put the captcha back for new users when they post
[11:03:32] <jepler> I can't post at all :-/
[11:04:39] <jthornton> I can't log into the forum now
[11:08:25] <jepler> no trouble here
[11:12:23] <seb_kuzminsky> i'm falling in love with git all over again
[11:12:55] <jepler> jthornton: I am not having any trouble logging in, several accounts I have created all work fine
[11:13:08] <jepler> on forum.linuxcnc.org
[11:14:18] <jthornton> ah I was using the wrong password and it just goes back to the log in so I was confused
[11:14:42] <jepler> I did notice that too
[11:17:43] <jepler> OK, captcha working for new users, captcha on first 3 posts
[11:17:53] <jthornton> great
[11:20:16] <jepler> no idea about showing a message when you give a bad password
[11:20:22] <jepler> that's so obvious I don't know why it doesn't happen :-/
[11:24:20] <jthornton> I'll see if I can find anything out about that
[11:25:35] <jepler> the community builder login module tells you if your password is wrong
[11:26:08] <jepler> but then I need to get rid of the forum login section
[11:26:21] <jepler> I don't really like how the CB login looks, either
[11:27:04] <jthornton> be back in a bit
[11:28:02] <andypugh> I have had a private email from a user who can no-longer log in. (from 7 hours ago). But he is one who I deleted and resinstated as he couldn’t unsubscribe from forum new-post notifications, and he might be a special case
[11:42:38] <jepler> andypugh: should you be an administrator on forum.linuxcnc.org ?
[11:42:46] <jepler> some user permissions seem to have been lost
[11:43:12] <jepler> and I'll repeat what I said for jthornton, the accounts on www.linuxcnc.org and forum.linuxcnc.org are disconnected; the ones on the forum are a snapshot from when I started the migration
[11:45:46] <andypugh> I am a moderator of the forum and an administrator on the main site. I am not sure how the two things interact.
[11:51:42] <jepler> OK
[11:51:55] <jepler> I *think* I just made all administrators of the main site into administrators on the forum
[11:52:24] <jepler> andypugh: so you should now have administrator permission on forum.linuxcnc.org
[11:55:03] <andypugh> OK, I seem to have the stuff I had before.
[12:21:44] <andypugh> Hmm, interesting. I just got a new user avatar approval message. Normally I have been approving them from the left-hand side of the main linuxcnc.org page, if it says more that 5 images to approve, then there is one to approve. (it always shows 5 images and 17 user-reports).
[12:22:49] <andypugh> Now I see only 5, so no new ones, unless there is another interface I haven’t spotted.
[12:47:02] <jepler> I don't know what that is. Is it something on forum.linuxcnc.org?
[12:56:16] <jepler> Ok, I found that when I enabled "cb workflows" then a thing showed up about approving profile images on flo
[12:56:26] <jepler> but now that I approved them, it seems to have disappeared again !?
[12:59:44] <jepler> ok, yes, it'll appear and disappear from the page, and I guess only appear for administrators?
[13:00:10] <jepler> if only I knew how this worked... I'm like a bull in a china shop.
[13:05:27] <jepler> mozmck: is the only effect of "report to moderator" that e-mail that is sent that you mentioned?
[13:16:22] <andypugh> OK, I see it now.
[13:16:43] <andypugh> New place, and confusing not to have 5 “zombie” images to approve :-)
[13:19:21] <JT-Shop> do I need to change the link http://linuxcnc.org/index.php/english/forum on the old main page to forum.linuxcnc.org
[13:44:11] <jepler> jthornton: sure. you can change it to https://forum.linuxcnc.org/forum/index
[13:44:15] <jepler> it's currently redirected...
[13:44:32] <jepler> by .htaccess
[16:09:33] <skunksleep> jepler: I am able to login. No issues so far. Great work!
[16:12:39] <andypugh> Did we get anything useful out of the “Summer of Code” ?
[16:14:24] <seb_kuzminsky> andypugh: nope
[16:14:25] <skunksleep> I was an admin. I used the power pretty infrequently though
[16:14:34] <seb_kuzminsky> http://linuxcnc.org/new/
[16:15:10] <andypugh> seb_kuzminsky: We had some enquiries, did they start and fail, or just not start
[16:15:38] <seb_kuzminsky> all the links to wlo things that are not generated html (such as dists/, iso images, etc) will be broken until this new site lives at /
[16:16:00] <andypugh> seb_kuzminsky: The new layout is cleaner and moderner, but I miss the left-margin stuff.
[16:16:06] <seb_kuzminsky> andypugh: there were two students who spoke with us. one said "i'll do the realtime kernel!" and then was never heard from again
[16:16:53] <seb_kuzminsky> the other asked lots of questions, which cmorley answered, then came back a few days later and asked pretty much the same stuff again, a couple of times
[16:17:43] <seb_kuzminsky> he never showed any sign of having read the code he was asking about, and after missing a couple of early deadlines he was kicked out by the folks at CAx that were trying to help him
[16:18:04] <andypugh> I wonder if it is worth adding “as the wiki is community-maintained it contains lots of dupicated, outdated and just plain wrong content” ?
[16:18:19] <seb_kuzminsky> hmm, the current left margin has the news and the forum login
[16:18:19] <jepler> seb_kuzminsky: on new wlo, any idea how to get an external link into the navbar?
[16:18:50] <seb_kuzminsky> jepler: you add it in _includes/header.html
[16:19:07] <andypugh> seb_kuzminsky: ?
[16:19:38] <seb_kuzminsky> andypugh: sure, submit a PR, https://github.com/SebKuzminsky/wlo
[16:20:24] <andypugh> No, I meant, are you talking about the old left margin or a new left margin that I can’t see?
[16:21:06] <JT-Shop> http://linuxcnc.org/new/ is much cleaner
[16:21:28] <seb_kuzminsky> andypugh: i was talking about the left margin on the old (current) site, which as you point out is missing from the new (proposed) site
[16:22:05] <malcom2073> JT-Shop: Looks much more post-2000
[16:22:21] <JT-Shop> the current releases are runningtoghetherabit
[16:22:29] <seb_kuzminsky> JT-Shop: yeah, agreed, though it probably looks like a website made by a programmer who doesn't know html css ;-)
[16:22:37] <seb_kuzminsky> JT-Shop: hmm, yeah i see what you mean
[16:22:53] <seb_kuzminsky> i guess CSS is the way to fix that somehow
[16:23:07] <andypugh> I like the clean-ness. If the search could be at the top, for example (which is a more common place anyway) then I reckon I could get used to not having a left margin
[16:23:34] <c_morley> seb_kuzminsky: actually we did get some work done for stepconf by "summer of code" I just haven't added it yet. But the process of SOC needs to be tweeked.
[16:23:35] <seb_kuzminsky> oh! heh, i didn't even know the old (current) site had a search
[16:23:57] <seb_kuzminsky> c_morley: wow! that's news to me, great
[16:24:34] <andypugh> seb_kuzminsky: It’s actually a very effective search
[16:24:42] <c_morley> Thats part of the problem I guess - poor guy had no idea who to talk to or what was expected
[16:25:24] <c_morley> ttyl
[16:31:34] <JT-Shop> good thing I know css and html :)
[16:32:45] <Roguish> hey. looks good. a simple comment? the version numbers are really close. a bit more space between would read much easier.
[16:33:56] <Roguish> otherwise. OUTSTANDING
[16:35:06] <JT-Shop> <JT-Shop> the current releases are runningtoghetherabit
[16:36:06] <seb_kuzminsky> JT-Shop: i would super love your help with the layout and content
[16:36:27] <JT-Shop> where is it?
[16:40:33] <jepler> seb_kuzminsky: I just gave you another random stuff pull request, including spacing the version numbers out more
[16:41:31] <andypugh> JT-Shop: I was wondering what “running to get the rabbit” meant !
[16:41:44] <skunksleep> Why do we have 2 releases shown?
[16:43:12] <jepler> skunksleep: because 2.6.x still gets stable updates I suppose
[16:44:23] <skunksleep> I guess.
[16:51:27] <skunksleep> Ooh. Rob pushed some fixes for uvw blending
[16:52:41] <JT-Shop> andypugh, I'm still wondering
[16:55:00] <skunksleep> Heh
[17:35:18] <JT-Shop> seb_kuzminsky, did you do that page from scratch?
[17:39:07] <seb_kuzminsky> JT-Shop: no, i cheated and used jekyll: https://jekyllrb.com/
[17:39:59] <seb_kuzminsky> JT-Shop: the website is all static html, generated from markdown "source code" managed in git: https://github.com/SebKuzminsky/wlo
[17:40:39] <JT-Shop> static html is better
[17:41:12] <JT-Shop> I'll whop something up
[17:41:49] <JT-Shop> whoop
[17:42:13] <JT-Shop> and that's why you don't write html when you have had a glass of cab
[17:47:11] <seb_kuzminsky> woo!
[17:48:08] <seb_kuzminsky> i'll add a README with some links to docs & some info on how to mess with it
[17:48:28] <seb_kuzminsky> i'm making a vm to monitor the github repo and build & upload to wlo now...
[18:15:37] <seb_kuzminsky> it's up
[18:15:54] <seb_kuzminsky> anything pushed to that github repo shows up at wlo/new within a minute
[18:16:06] <seb_kuzminsky> i should figure out how to give y'all push access to that repo
[18:16:11] <seb_kuzminsky> but first: happy hour
[18:27:55] <JT-Shop> aye
[18:42:16] <cradek> seb_kuzminsky: do we want another repo for the website on git.l.o? it would be nice if we could all update it easily
[20:14:08] <seb_kuzminsky> hi cradek
[20:14:22] <seb_kuzminsky> i think we should keep it on github for now
[20:14:39] <seb_kuzminsky> i added jepler, cradek, and andypugh as collaborators, i think that means you can push to it
[20:15:06] <seb_kuzminsky> anyone else who wants push access to the wlo website, send me your github username
[20:16:01] <andypugh> Thnaks.
[20:16:43] <seb_kuzminsky> wlecome
[20:16:45] <andypugh> Did that typo just disqualify me?
[20:16:48] <cradek> sweet
[20:17:21] <cradek> when will you go live?
[20:17:29] <seb_kuzminsky> err, good question
[20:18:04] <seb_kuzminsky> maybe tuesday night? i think i just need an hour or two of uninterrupted focus to switch it over and fix all the things that break
[20:18:13] <cradek> a web site automatically backed by git is so nice
[20:18:15] <seb_kuzminsky> so, hackspace time
[20:18:20] <cradek> cool, enjoy
[20:18:25] <cradek> oh you mean tuesday :-)
[20:18:32] <seb_kuzminsky> i mean, i'll do it tuesday at the hackspace
[20:18:33] <seb_kuzminsky> :-)
[20:18:43] <seb_kuzminsky> yeah, having git behind it makes me hate it way less
[20:19:10] <cradek> good god it doesn't hook into twitter does it?
[20:19:19] <seb_kuzminsky> not that i know of
[20:19:53] <seb_kuzminsky> i think jekyll has a special key in the front matter yaml (really!) for linking to your twitter account, but i commented that out
[20:20:16] <cradek> I don't know what those words mean but I'm glad you disabled whatever it is
[20:27:34] <seb_kuzminsky> is where you go to snapchat your yolo
[20:31:38] <cradek> so my push will magically cause it to regenerate?
[20:31:43] <cradek> omg
[20:31:44] <cradek> it already did
[20:32:42] <cradek> how is that even
[20:43:08] <dgarr> skunksleep: this may be a tp bug: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/forum/38-general-linuxcnc-questions/29894-initialize-circle-problem#64999
[20:51:58] <jepler> I saw that thread and also failed to reproduce it :-/
[20:54:10] <jepler> oh hey dgarr did reproduce it!
[20:55:00] <jepler> the fit error is small, 0.000028
[20:57:50] <cradek> radius P+9 but angle P-12
[20:58:21] <cradek> is that something like 2^9 and 2^-12?
[20:59:54] <jepler> yes
[21:00:09] <jepler> printf '%f\n' 0x1.2DB44231ED494P+9,
[21:00:16] <jepler> er without the comma anyway
[21:04:39] <cradek> oh wow, the new forum is live!
[21:04:48] <cradek> sorry I'm only now catching up
[21:04:51] <cradek> you guys are awesome
[21:10:13] <cradek> somehow the old rss url still works and (I guess) gets rewritten? that's amazing.
[21:11:24] <jepler> Failed to initialize Circle9, err codes 0, 0, 0, -1
[21:11:26] <jepler> yay I got it
[21:11:31] <cradek> oh dear, it's an arc generated by g5.1?
[21:11:47] <cradek> yay did you get it in uspace?
[21:11:49] <jepler> yes I did
[21:11:57] <cradek> that's super-duper
[21:13:39] <jepler> running with axis_mm.ini, MDI g20 and then run the gcode from ttt
[21:13:51] <jepler> then it happens in uspace on my x86_64 system
[21:14:02] <jepler> radius = 13332.385088172452, angle = 0.000307408594
[21:14:02] <jepler> spiral_coef = 0.000000005917
[21:14:03] <jepler> Spiral fit: b0 = 0.000000002959, b1 = 13332.385088172452, length = 4.098489754213, spiral_in = 0
[21:14:05] <jepler> Spiral fit check: fit_err = 3.074086e-04
[21:14:08] <jepler> Failed to initialize Circle9, err codes 0, 0, 0, -1
[21:14:17] <jepler> those are not particularly the same numbers as in dgarr's repro
[21:17:07] <cradek> radius 13332 angle .0003 can't be a very reasonable circle can it?
[21:17:35] <cradek> wonder if g5.1 can sneak in arcs that are otherwise rejected
[21:17:42] <jepler> I wouldn't be surprised
[21:18:06] <jepler> (gdb) p *circle
[21:18:06] <jepler> $2 = {center = {x = 168.06923855283358, y = 223.58345279681936, z = -0.254},
[21:18:09] <jepler> normal = {x = -0, y = -0, z = -1}, rTan = {x = -15.161238552833566,
[21:18:12] <jepler> y = 4.7203180628230257e-05, z = 0}, rPerp = {x = 4.7203180628230257e-05,
[21:18:15] <jepler> y = 15.161238552833566, z = -0}, rHelix = {x = 0, y = 0, z = 0},
[21:18:17] <jepler> radius = 15.161238552907049, angle = 0.025950024804894892,
[21:18:20] <jepler> spiral = 3.5527136788005009e-15}
[21:18:33] <cradek> http://sourceforge.net/p/emc/bugs/379/
[21:18:40] <jepler> do we intentionally make arcs with spiral-ality?
[21:19:04] <jepler> afk
[21:19:07] <cradek> surely not
[21:19:11] <cradek> I didn't, anyway
[21:33:01] <jepler> the biarc algorithm isn't intended to give spirals either
[21:33:30] <seb_kuzminsky> rob's new TP handles a lot of spirality
[21:34:21] <seb_kuzminsky> interp allows up to 0.00282 inch of difference between r1 and r2 in g21, and up to 0.0282 mm in g20 iirc
[21:44:27] <jepler> Spiral fit check: fit_err = 3.074086e-04 [6.148172e-04-3.074086e-04]
[21:44:44] <jepler> it's actually a worse relative error than absolute!
[21:50:59] <jepler> it's an awfully close to linear NURB
[21:52:15] <jepler> reduced test case: http://paste.debian.net/329295/
[21:54:30] <jepler> infuriatingly, it runs on sim/axis, not on sim/axis_mm
[21:54:44] <cradek> surely that's a clue
[21:56:50] <jepler> or it just means that some errors are big enough in mm and not big enough in inch
[21:58:44] <jepler> I think these are the corresponding blocks for in and mm configs respectively: http://paste.debian.net/329306/
[21:59:54] <jepler> Spiral fit check: fit_err = 3.074086e-04 [abs(6.148172e-04-3.074086e-04)]
[22:00:11] <jepler> surely it's this factor-of-two between the fit_err items that is important
[22:04:09] <jepler> 'night
[23:14:02] <c_morley> not sure who to tell but when requesting a new password on the forum the password never shows up in my email :(