#linuxcnc-devel | Logs for 2015-09-21

[02:32:09] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Norbert Schechner 05gmoccapy_5_axis 613c2f1 06linuxcnc 10src/emc/usr_intf/gmoccapy/gmoccapy.glade 10src/emc/usr_intf/gmoccapy/gmoccapy.py gmoccapy 5 axis solved step by step bug also in this release * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=613c2f1
[02:32:09] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Norbert Schechner 05gmoccapy_5_axis f7edca8 06linuxcnc 10lib/python/gladevcp/hal_mdihistory.py 10src/emc/usr_intf/gmoccapy/gmoccapy.py gmoccapy 5 axis testing around * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=f7edca8
[07:05:15] <skunkworks> jepler, heh - I started typing something and I think one of the little ones must have hit enter.
[07:05:27] <skunkworks> jepler, did you play with the laser this weekend?
[07:10:16] <jepler> skunkworks: yeah I got some time to play with it. didn't get any great results yet though.
[07:10:52] <skunkworks> what kind of laser control? is it just on/off or can you control the power?
[07:12:20] <jepler> skunkworks: it's just on/off with the GRBL firmware.
[07:12:47] <jepler> https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipPIEGKTZWQlLgXFGwfc5KMj3Pn7lQGttgZv4HKU/photo/AF1QipP7YekCevBW_BTDpaydyD2ss4fE7zNSX51mdzkA is one of the better results I have had so far.
[07:13:06] <jepler> using custom bitmap -> grbl gcode conversion
[07:13:14] <skunkworks> That link does't work
[07:13:28] <jepler> oh no
[07:14:02] <jepler> https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipPIEGKTZWQlLgXFGwfc5KMj3Pn7lQGttgZv4HKU
[07:14:06] <jepler> try that one?
[07:14:13] <skunkworks> same 404
[07:14:16] <skunkworks> 40
[07:14:19] <skunkworks> 403
[07:14:28] <jepler> huh
[07:14:53] <skunkworks> sorry - first was 404 and second was 403 (don't have access)
[07:15:03] <jepler> https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN0TPuFG81XVaI97F6jvZ_qceE-OqRCQS-h4hKGraKFZp3u4UhMEtCiG204yccAUg?key=SDJ3T2FiQjZQNFd3TDc5c3FBdDQ4VkZPOXowWnF3
[07:15:10] <jepler> do I not know how to share photos with stupid google?
[07:15:12] <skunkworks> Got it!
[07:15:20] <jepler> anyway, that last image there
[07:15:45] <skunkworks> reminded of dot matrix prnters :)
[07:15:46] <jepler> the "," at the left is because I partially printed the same design after re-homing
[07:15:46] <skunkworks> cool
[07:16:00] <jepler> you can see the backlash in the vertical of the middle "f", it's fairly modest
[07:16:04] <jepler> no backlash comp in grbl afaik
[07:16:12] <skunkworks> nope
[07:16:55] <jepler> you can also sort of see the periodic variation in burn strength if you look at the crossbars of the "F"s and much moreso if you look at the jellyfish
[07:16:55] <skunkworks> https://github.com/bjj/2x_laser
[07:17:40] <skunkworks> http://www.buildlog.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=557&start=130
[07:18:46] <jepler> I think the period of the variation is the same as the turn of the X screw, so my first theory is that it lifts/lowers the laser on a 1 screw-turn cycle
[07:21:37] <skunkworks> Hmm - wierd
[07:24:38] <skunkworks> is this a platform to test streamer?
[07:25:19] <jepler> anyway, the control board is just bolted to the back of the machine and consists of 2 standard stepper drivers, a ULN2003 to switch the laser, and a standard-pinout arduino pro mini knockoff. unfortunately, the boards are soldered, not socketed.
[07:26:52] <jepler> my plan had been to make a DB25 to 26-pin x .7" pseudo dip board so I could use the stepper drivers as-is, but I'm not sure if I'll successfully desolder a 26-pin device without ruining anything
[07:27:54] <jepler> not that I need all of the pads to survive, only 6 signals are used (4 for step+direction, 1 enable, 1 spindle) :-P
[07:32:14] <jepler> the board https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN0TPuFG81XVaI97F6jvZ_qceE-OqRCQS-h4hKGraKFZp3u4UhMEtCiG204yccAUg?key=SDJ3T2FiQjZQNFd3TDc5c3FBdDQ4VkZPOXowWnF3
[07:32:36] <jepler> hm I am bad at sharing links today, that just goes to the album again
[07:39:40] <archivist> it's google who has made a balls up
[07:40:03] <archivist> I get a white screen
[08:26:40] <jepler> archivist: hmph
[08:32:34] <cradek> jepler: on the Jeff, what are the 8 or so extra lines?
[08:34:39] <jepler> I'm not 100% sure what all the stray lines are
[08:35:43] <jepler> the first time I did this print it started down at the hook of the "J" instead of at the top (the top is printed first). I re-homed (so you can see the excellent "repeatability" of the homing procedure) and printed again from the start
[08:35:50] <jepler> but I'm not sure what the stray lines at the top are
[08:36:40] <jepler> I don't trust the grbl drip feed software very much yet
[08:58:14] <seb_kuzminsky> neat
[10:25:07] <pcw_home> But can it burn images of religious figures on toast?
[10:42:13] <cradek> tiny toast
[10:42:27] <cradek> toastettes
[10:53:21] <skunkworks> heh
[11:14:04] <jepler> it's smaller than a standard slice of bread but yes I assume it could selectively toast bread
[11:16:58] <seb_kuzminsky> you should dither a picture of your cat onto your breakfast every morning
[11:19:48] <skunkworks> I think you need to put the laser on your zenbot
[11:20:12] <jepler> the zenbot hasn't been put together for 2 or 3 years
[11:20:19] <jepler> other than that, I agree with you
[11:20:42] <cradek> it already has all the bad parts replaced
[11:21:14] <skunkworks> :)
[11:26:58] <jepler> this new toy is certainly almost nothing but bad parts
[11:27:46] <skunkworks> hacker! (rolls eyes) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYqo9_MC5Eg
[11:28:55] <jepler> is this something I'd need audio on to understand?
[11:29:06] <jepler> oh no he's found the inifile
[11:35:25] <seb_kuzminsky> static analysis for shell scripts: http://www.shellcheck.net/
[11:35:32] <seb_kuzminsky> http://paste.ubuntu.com/12515077/
[11:36:35] <cradek> haha, here I printed out the post from cnczone and will point my cell phone camera at it and then put the video on youtube
[11:37:04] <seb_kuzminsky> the future is now
[11:37:23] <cradek> #5 is wrong
[11:38:07] <cradek> #8 is surprising to me, but right
[11:40:06] <cradek> the reminders to quote are nice, except when they're silly like $PID
[11:41:00] <seb_kuzminsky> for #5, where does scripts/linuxcnc use LINUXCNC_CONFIG_PATH? i dont see it
[11:41:34] <cradek> oh I meant the tilde, assuming the picker expanded it
[11:41:48] <jepler> tcl/linuxcnc.tcl.in: variable CONFIG_PATH {@LINUXCNC_CONFIG_PATH@}
[11:41:55] <jepler> it uses it, but not by inheriting it from the linuxcnc script
[11:41:58] <seb_kuzminsky> cradek: ah
[11:42:46] <cradek> saying "~" is never what you want is very bold
[11:42:58] <jepler> static checkers are all about making overly broad statements
[11:43:18] <jepler> once in a blue moon you can actually mean to write *(char*)0 = 0; but usually not
[11:43:19] <cradek> I guess it's a thing to think about and check
[12:10:30] <jepler> that script could use a thorough reaming
[13:31:06] <jepler> much like the whole configure script
[15:54:41] <alex_joni> so Tormach uses Redis?
[15:57:45] <cradek> I remember rogge saying something about that, but I don't know the details
[15:57:54] <cradek> why do you ask?
[15:59:38] <alex_joni> just saw the entry in the ini file (in the youtube video posted by sam)