#linuxcnc-devel | Logs for 2015-07-05

[00:54:37] <seb_kuzminsky> the freecad folks just merged the Path module, which does gcode generation from solid models inside freecad
[00:54:45] <seb_kuzminsky> this is a great day for open source cad/cam
[00:54:58] <seb_kuzminsky> https://github.com/yorikvanhavre/FreeCAD/wiki/Path-module
[08:28:07] <skunkworks> wow
[08:34:32] <jthornton> nice
[09:11:40] <skunkworks> mozmck: you still want a small amount of Q when the segments are really short. usually .001" works great.
[09:44:20] <skunkworks> rob explained it - I will try to find it. Something to do with if the segments are shorter than the time of 1 servo cycle - the peformance slows down/
[10:12:42] <cradek> I wonder if our default for G64 mode is as sensible as possible
[10:21:27] <skunkworks> I don't know. Tormach defaulted P and Q
[10:21:38] <skunkworks> .005 and .001
[10:21:40] <skunkworks> iirc
[10:26:43] <skunkworks> It is really quite hard to explain... ( P and Q)
[10:41:45] <cradek> yeah
[15:39:16] <REEEN> Good evening Gentleman
[15:41:00] <skunksleep> Good afternoon
[15:43:17] <REEEN> I have a question to those of you who are familiar with pygtk
[15:44:37] <REEEN> Iam starting to create a programme that can create parts by using conversational cycles
[15:45:47] <REEEN> similar to linuxcnc features and ngc gui but much more professional, like shopmill mazatrol and intercon by centroid
[15:46:37] <REEEN> Iam working together with norbert schechner, he's the one creating gmoccapy
[15:47:47] <REEEN> I would like to use gtk for my projects gui, to be able to make it an option to integrate into gmoccapy
[15:48:41] <REEEN> the problem is that I need a 2.5 - 3D preview of the part and gtk has no 3d application
[15:49:24] <REEEN> I would like to use opengl or pythonocc for this, can I somehow integrated them into gtk ? I don't want to use a seperate window..
[15:51:49] <REEEN> If someone knows, thank you very much !
[16:27:42] <JT-Shop> you can use opengl and another one which I forget at the moment
[16:28:31] <cmorley> REEN: you would have to write a opengl/gtk preview program. same idea as gremlin
[16:30:12] <cmorley> but I would write it using GTK3 as GTK2/gladevcp is on it's way out...
[16:33:54] <cmorley> In fact we need someone to write a new gremlin for gtk3 so we can continue to easily make new gladevcp panels in the future.
[16:36:55] <JT-Shop> did they get everything working on GTK3? last time I tried it all I got was frustration
[16:48:18] <jthornton> aww he left
[17:05:27] <kwallace> Gremlin based on a modern OpenGL and Gtk3 would be a good thing.
[17:40:31] <mozmck> I think the effort may be better spent on Qt instead of Gtk3. Gtk3 has lost a lot of developers to Qt from what I've read - include Linus with his diving program.
[17:40:51] <cmorley> gtk3 is still frustrating...not nearly as good docs and not every library has gtk3 versions :(
[17:41:03] <JT-Shop> I'm ready to shift to QT... I just need to learn C++
[17:41:18] <mozmck> Not only that, but they break compatibility between versions.
[17:41:36] <cmorley> well reinventing gladevcp in Qt would be a lot of work plus old panels would need to be rebuilt :(
[17:42:13] <mozmck> Well, there is other work that can be looked at and borrowed from, there is Qt interface stuff in MK now.
[17:42:17] <JT-Shop> reinventing anything is a lot of work
[17:42:30] <JT-Shop> what is MK/
[17:42:32] <JT-Shop> ?
[17:42:35] <cmorley> if I had a gremlin replacement I would have been done converting gladevcp by most likely
[17:42:48] <mozmck> MachineKit
[17:42:56] <JT-Shop> ah ok
[17:43:27] <mozmck> I have not had time to look at the stuff in MachineKit, but I "think" they made a Qt version of Gremlin.
[17:43:35] <cmorley> yes they did
[17:43:55] <mozmck> I definitely would have an interest in working on a Qt based GUI system.
[17:44:30] <mozmck> And I've done a good bit of C++ and GUI programming before.
[17:44:47] <cmorley> we could build one here - I did some basic work with python qt and HAL just a concept
[17:45:10] <cmorley> but it seems a lot of work when gladevcp already does what we want
[17:45:15] <JT-Shop> been a while since I've looked at QT, you can use python with it?
[17:45:22] <mozmck> I think so.
[17:45:48] <cmorley> i think I played with Qt4, I think MK uses QT5
[17:45:55] <mozmck> But gladevcp may get harder to support as distributions start dropping gtk2 stuff.
[17:46:03] <cmorley> but I'm sure either have python bindings
[17:46:18] <cmorley> they chose c++
[17:46:24] <mozmck> I don't think there is much difference in the C++ side between Qt4 and Qt5.
[17:46:43] <mozmck> Seems like they are using QtQuick though, which is a bit different
[17:46:56] <JT-Shop> yep seems so with PyQt
[17:47:05] <cmorley> but if we convert gladevcp to gtk3 (I have done a fair amount of work on it) then it is future proofed for quite awhile
[17:48:15] <cmorley> OpenGL programing is a lot to learn on top of gtk3 lack of example code (in python)
[17:49:10] <cmorley> best of all I think I can get gladevcp to use gtk2 or gtk3 whichever is appropriate at run time
[17:50:22] <cmorley> not to say adding QT system wouldn't be good too. But I would rather see gladevcp converted first
[17:50:45] <cmorley> and i would say doubly for users
[17:52:56] <cmorley> ttyl
[17:53:47] <mozmck> That might be best.
[17:54:32] <kwallace> I got the impression that Qt was more for mobile and small devices and is less open or has license issues, along with Java and/or other Qt related bits. I could be wrong.
[17:56:48] <mozmck> Qt used to be less open, but is under full GPL or LGPL now
[17:57:03] <mozmck> http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/licensing.html
[17:58:31] <mozmck> It was for desktops long before mobile, and is what kde has been based on all along.
[18:03:12] <jthornton> from my collection of books I've tried to learn C++ twice or more
[18:08:42] <Brunetty> what books?
[18:12:28] <jthornton> C++ books
[18:15:04] <Brunetty> normaly 1500 pages these books.
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