#linuxcnc-devel | Logs for 2015-04-22

[09:37:30] <skunkworks> new pathpilot release. they are on fire!
[10:53:03] <mozmck> Looks like we need to add the 'blt' package to dependencies for 2.7 for latency-histogram
[10:55:02] <mozmck> also mesa-utils for glxgears
[10:58:54] <pcw_home> yes I still have some blt dependency problem with latency-plot on ubuntu 14.04
[11:00:07] <mozmck> 'sudo apt-get install blt' worked for me on 14.04
[11:00:42] <pcw_home> I get "BLT is already the latest version"
[11:00:53] <mozmck> oh, that's interesting :-)
[11:01:05] <pcw_home> latency histogram works just not latency-plot
[11:01:30] <mozmck> I haven't tried latency-plot
[11:01:32] <pcw_home> (latency plot does work on wheezy)
[11:02:11] <mozmck> I have to go build my table - bbl
[11:02:21] <pcw_home> bye
[11:03:26] <cradek> weird, I thought AXIS already used blt
[11:04:47] <pcw_home> if latency-histogram uses BLT than its probabl something specific to latency -plot
[11:05:10] <pcw_home> since latency-histogram works fine on 14.04
[11:06:20] <JT-Shop> cradek, thanks
[11:30:22] <cradek> linuxcnc-build: force build --branch=cradek/joints_axes7 0000.checkin
[11:30:23] <linuxcnc-build> build forced [ETA 53m38s]
[11:30:23] <linuxcnc-build> I'll give a shout when the build finishes
[11:39:31] <cradek> JT-Shop: welcome. are they any good for you?
[11:43:55] <JT-Shop> some I can use yes
[11:44:51] <cradek> cool
[11:45:08] <cradek> does ttt still handle the pfb format correctly?
[12:20:07] <linuxcnc-build> Hey! build 0000.checkin #3127 is complete: Success [3build successful]
[12:20:08] <linuxcnc-build> Build details are at http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/buildbot/builders/0000.checkin/builds/3127