#linuxcnc-devel | Logs for 2014-11-23

[03:52:02] <cmorley> cradek: Yes if i finish it, it will support both versions, depending on which is available. right now gremlin and embeded windows are a problem.
[03:52:29] <cmorley> gremlin will need to be rewritten to use different libraries, it seems
[03:55:50] <cmorley> will move it along as far as I can, then hopefully someone else can pickup the missing pieces.
[12:20:33] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Sebastian Kuzminsky 052.7 5298fb0 06linuxcnc 10docs/src/Master_Getting_Started_es.txt docs: use "translated" pncconf document for the spanish Getting Started * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=5298fb0
[12:25:14] <kwallace2> A little off topic, but I started a download of the current LinuxCNC iso and my connection barfed very close to the end. Later, I tried to restart the download, but it wants to start over rather than finish the original session. I looked in my Download directory and found a file binary.hybrid.iso.part at 1.1GB. Does anyone know how I can avoid downloading the whole file again?
[12:36:14] <cradek> use zsync
[12:36:24] <cradek> in fact, always use zsync
[12:36:41] <cradek> it always gives you a correct download, and only transfers the necessary parts
[12:38:24] <kwallace2> I just pulled the page up. Thank you.
[12:38:25] <cradek> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.distributions.emc.user/52401/match=zsync
[12:38:59] <cradek> have I said lately zsync is amazing?
[12:39:59] <kwallace2> Somehow I missed that :O
[12:41:13] <archivist> doesnt wget have some magic like that built in too?
[12:41:31] <cradek> I'm not sure
[12:42:09] <cradek> it may continue a download, but it doesn't have the smarts to re-fetch the corrupted block in the middle of your iso (or transfer just the new bit of an updated version, which is the same process)
[12:42:29] <cradek> zsync somehow just transfers the needed parts
[12:43:07] <cradek> if I roll a new image and you run zsync again, it'll only transfer some part (10%ish) of the image
[12:44:24] <kwallace2> zsync -i ~/Downloads/binary.hybrid.iso.part http://www.linuxcnc.org/binary.hybrid.iso.zsync
[12:44:35] <kwallace2> reading seed file /home/kwallace/Downloads/binary.hybrid.iso.part: ****************
[12:44:46] <kwallace2> Read /home/kwallace/Downloads/binary.hybrid.iso.part. Target 97.8% complete. *********
[12:44:52] <cradek> whee
[12:44:59] <kwallace2> Way cool.
[12:45:07] <cradek> isn't it though
[12:45:49] <cradek> unfortunately it takes a little extra work for the hoster: I have to put that .iso.zsync file next to the .iso
[12:46:04] <cradek> not that that's hard, you just have to do it
[12:46:38] <cradek> it would be nice if web servers were smart enough, built in, but of course they're not
[12:47:53] <kwallace2> I costs me about $15 to do an iso download before midnight, so you saved me a bit of dough.
[12:48:47] <cradek> yikes, that seems like a lot, but you might spend less altogether on 'net than I do
[12:49:47] <kwallace2> I average around $150 a month.
[12:50:01] <cradek> ok then not (I pay $125)
[12:50:07] <cradek> why so high? are you in a weird place?
[12:51:07] <kwallace2> Yes. I'm close to Yosemite Park, but not close enough.
[12:51:16] <Tom_itx> you should get someone to mail you one
[12:52:27] <kwallace2> I've banned any downloading videos and music.
[12:53:04] <kwallace2> I save downloading for important stuff, like LinuxCNC.
[12:55:45] <archivist> and I thought I paid over the odds
[12:57:41] <archivist> the amount I had to pay to go unlimited was worth it
[13:02:06] <kwallace2> We had AT&T in the news lately because apparently their unlimited plan would throttle the speed back to the point of being useless.
[13:55:57] <skunkworks> One good reason for living in town.. (and having an off site backup for work...)
[14:02:48] <skunkworks> I don't understand why axis is so evil
[14:25:47] <Tom_itx> kwallace, yes once you reach 2GB they start throttling
[14:44:22] <skunkworks> can I say 'because 2.6.4 is broken and you shouldn't use it.'?
[15:03:39] <jthornton> lol
[15:09:53] <kwallace2> Well, I got the iso on my usb stick and booted this PC with it, but I don't see an install script. Am I missing something?
[15:12:35] <kwallace2> Oh and the iso is 2.6 from the download page.
[15:37:06] <skunkworks> kwallace2 there is no install on the desktop - you see it at the grub menu.
[15:40:33] <kwallace2> I don't recall seeing it in the grub menu, but I'll look again.
[15:43:42] <kwallace2> Ah yes where it says "Install (Graphical)"
[16:25:25] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Dewey Garrett 05master 854fc23 06linuxcnc 10scripts/sim_pin sim_pin: better default for bit types * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=854fc23
[17:22:50] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Dewey Garrett 05dgarr/moveoff 5b88656 06linuxcnc 10(10 files in 2 dirs) moveoff.comp -- hal-only offset while paused * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=5b88656
[17:35:20] <linuxcnc-build> build #2682 of 1900.clang-lucid-rtai-i386 is complete: Failure [4failed compile] Build details are at http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/buildbot/builders/1900.clang-lucid-rtai-i386/builds/2682 blamelist: Dewey Garrett <dgarrett@panix.com>
[17:38:14] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Dewey Garrett 05dgarr/moveoff 9a19d77 06linuxcnc 10src/hal/components/moveoff.comp moveoff.comp remove debug items * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=9a19d77
[17:44:12] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Dewey Garrett 05dgarr/moveoff 2ac5bef 06linuxcnc 10src/hal/components/moveoff.comp moveoff.comp: remove stdio (uspace ok) * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=2ac5bef
[18:03:52] <linuxcnc-build> build #1884 of 1301.rip-precise-rtai-i386 is complete: Failure [4failed compile] Build details are at http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/buildbot/builders/1301.rip-precise-rtai-i386/builds/1884 blamelist: Dewey Garrett <dgarrett@panix.com>
[18:12:08] <cradek> cool
[18:12:55] <Tom_itx> where's the latest source for mesaflash?
[18:13:08] <Tom_itx> stable
[18:13:41] <micges-dev> Tom_itx: https://github.com/micges/mesaflash/tree/v3.1
[18:13:56] <Tom_itx> thanks
[18:14:33] <cradek> micges-dev: did you fix it up so seb can update the package?
[18:15:04] <micges-dev> err no, doing it right now
[18:15:07] <cradek> cool
[18:16:04] <Tom_itx> what's it do that the one bundled with mesa's zips doesn't?
[18:16:31] <cradek> I don't know what's in those
[18:16:44] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Dewey Garrett 05dgarr/moveoff bde3eec 06linuxcnc 10src/hal/components/moveoff.comp moveoff.comp: resume only after offset_removed * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=bde3eec
[18:16:45] <Tom_itx> he says it's "ancient" :D
[18:16:48] <cradek> being packaged means everyone gets bugfix updates, etc
[18:17:51] <linuxcnc-build> build #2683 of 1201.rip-lucid-rtai-i386 is complete: Failure [4failed compile] Build details are at http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/buildbot/builders/1201.rip-lucid-rtai-i386/builds/2683 blamelist: Dewey Garrett <dgarrett@panix.com>
[18:18:01] <micges-dev> Tom_itx: binaries in zip are mostly targeted to windows
[18:18:24] <linuxcnc-build> build #498 of 1401.rip-wheezy-rtai-i386 is complete: Failure [4failed compile] Build details are at http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/buildbot/builders/1401.rip-wheezy-rtai-i386/builds/498 blamelist: Dewey Garrett <dgarrett@panix.com>
[18:25:30] <Tom_itx> that was easy enough
[18:27:27] <Tom_itx> is it advisable for the bit file to be in the same directory?
[18:28:23] <micges-dev> no, just enter path to it
[18:34:56] <Tom_itx> --write is for bit files --program is for FPGA binaries?
[18:35:17] <Tom_itx> just double checking...
[18:37:15] <micges-dev> --write to flash, --program to fpga
[18:37:42] <micges-dev> what do you want to do?
[18:38:11] <Tom_itx> just upload a bit file to a 7i90 but i don't have the board yet
[18:38:24] <Tom_itx> just getting ready..
[18:38:54] <Tom_itx> seems easy enough
[18:39:05] <micges-dev> ./mesaflash --device 7i90 -epp --addr 0x378 --write bitfile.bit --verbose
[18:39:13] <micges-dev> --epp
[18:39:31] <atom1> do you have to specify the parport address?
[18:41:29] <micges-dev> yes
[18:42:37] <atom1> ok, thanks
[18:43:29] <linuxcnc-build> build #2694 of 0000.checkin is complete: Failure [4failed] Build details are at http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/buildbot/builders/0000.checkin/builds/2694 blamelist: Dewey Garrett <dgarrett@panix.com>
[18:45:09] <micges-dev> you don't have to specify address if it's 1 lpt port at 0x378
[18:45:33] <Tom_itx> alright. i think the d525 only has one
[18:45:56] <Tom_itx> but it won't hurt to tell it anyway
[18:46:05] <micges-dev> yeah
[18:46:53] <Tom_itx> i blew my 7i43 yesterday and contemplating a 7i90 to replace it
[18:47:05] <Tom_itx> getting bit files etc ready to go..
[18:48:14] <micges-dev> oh
[18:48:24] <micges-dev> power failure?
[18:48:36] <Tom_itx> no, i really have no idea what happened yet
[18:48:40] <Tom_itx> a short of some sort
[18:48:59] <Tom_itx> got the 7i47 too
[18:49:08] <Tom_itx> i may be able to fix em
[18:49:21] <Tom_itx> but if not i'm looking at the 7i90
[18:49:45] <micges-dev> 7i90 is much better than 7i43
[18:49:56] <Tom_itx> right
[18:50:03] <Tom_itx> cheaper too
[18:50:04] <micges-dev> 4 types of connection to host
[18:50:08] <Tom_itx> yep
[18:50:28] <Tom_itx> well when i got the 7i43 the 5i25 wasn't even out yet
[18:50:41] <Tom_itx> or just out..
[18:50:59] <Tom_itx> with little support
[19:24:35] <micges-dev> seb_kuzminsky: I've created
[19:24:59] <micges-dev> seb_kuzminsky: I've updated changelog to package mesaflasg 3.1.0
[19:58:29] <seb_kuzminsky> building mesaflash 3.1.0 now...
[20:30:26] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Dewey Garrett 05dgarr/moveoff f0f297c 06linuxcnc 03configs/sim/axis/moveoff/moveoff.halshow moveoff.comp: moveoff.halshow missing in deb * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=f0f297c
[21:36:15] * skunkworks waits for a video from dewey...
[21:36:54] <seb_kuzminsky> mesaflash 3.1 debs are in the wlo deb archive
[21:38:28] <jepler> ooh thanks seb, micges
[21:38:42] <jepler> and cool stuff dgarr, though I only glanced at the source
[21:38:42] <cradek> yay! thanks guys
[21:39:06] <jepler> seb_kuzminsky: for a week I've failed to spend so much as a half hour on the lui rebase :-/
[21:39:07] <cradek> jepler: he's not here, but yeah I love the idea of a hal component to do that
[21:39:11] <jepler> maybe .. friday ?
[21:39:32] <cradek> Preparing to replace mesaflash 3.0.0 (using .../mesaflash_3.1.0_i386.deb) ...
[21:39:35] <cradek> whee
[21:52:04] <seb_kuzminsky> i verified that mesaflash 3.1 installs and runs on my wheezy amd64 machine, but nothing beyond that
[21:52:13] <seb_kuzminsky> thanks micges for working on it
[21:52:39] <seb_kuzminsky> jepler: no worries about the lui rebase, it's good to have an excuse to do the boring work on the 2.7 release instead of the fun lui work
[21:52:56] <jepler> seb_kuzminsky: ah so you figured out my plan anyway
[21:53:33] <Tom_itx> i installed it from source earlier but haven't run it
[21:53:33] <cradek> using 2.6 quite a bit lately, I keep noticing quirkyness and I really should be filing bug reports
[22:02:24] <seb_kuzminsky> cradek: yes please! cluefull bug reports would be a nice change ;-)
[22:04:52] <cradek> oh I didn't promise clueful
[23:03:48] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Dewey Garrett 05dgarr/moveoff 8d55d18 06linuxcnc 10src/hal/components/moveoff.comp moveoff.comp: fill in man page items * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=8d55d18
[23:27:26] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Dewey Garrett 05dgarr/moveoff e8fa8be 06linuxcnc 10src/hal/components/moveoff.comp moveoff.comp: remove unused function * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=e8fa8be