#linuxcnc-devel | Logs for 2014-08-19

[01:35:37] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Chris Morley 05new_pncconf 898c347 06linuxcnc 36 commits pushed, 104 files changed, 0366(+), 0415(-)
[03:24:10] <linuxcnc-build> build #111 of 4017.deb-wheezy-rtai-i386 is complete: Failure [4failed shell_1] Build details are at http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/buildbot/builders/4017.deb-wheezy-rtai-i386/builds/111 blamelist: dummy, Sebastian Kuzminsky <seb@highlab.com>, Chris Morley <chrisinnanaimo@hotmail.com>, Chris S Morley <chrisinnanaimo@hotmail.com>
[07:33:15] <jepler> seb_kuzminsky: so is a buildbot failure like the one at http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/buildbot/builders/4017.deb-wheezy-rtai-i386/builds/111 due to a race condition?
[07:33:31] <jepler> between signing the repo and the buildslave fetching packages
[09:22:43] <seb_kuzminsky> jepler: yes, that's the problem
[09:23:16] <seb_kuzminsky> i use a buildmaster lock to keep multiple deb archive updaters from colliding, and i could use it in the buildslaves too
[09:23:32] <seb_kuzminsky> but i don't know how to lock all the users who run apt-get on their linuxcnc machines
[09:24:00] <seb_kuzminsky> there's got to be a better way to run a debian archive
[09:24:24] <jepler> sure, you just need a way to atomically update a whole tree of files. too bad unix doesn't have that.
[09:24:44] <seb_kuzminsky> but i guess for now i should do the partial thing that makes things better for the robot, even if it doesnt help users
[09:25:11] <seb_kuzminsky> you could double-buffer the whole dists/ tree with a symlink at the base
[09:25:25] <seb_kuzminsky> still messes up people who are in mid-fetch when you move the link
[09:26:08] <jepler> yeah
[10:04:44] <seb_kuzminsky> ok, now the slaves take a read-lock on the deb archive while running "apt-get update", and a write-lock when regenerating the deb archive metadata
[10:05:29] <seb_kuzminsky> linuxcnc-build: force build --branch=master 0000.checkin
[10:05:30] <linuxcnc-build> build #2334 forced
[10:05:30] <linuxcnc-build> I'll give a shout when the build finishes
[10:05:35] * seb_kuzminsky shrugs
[11:01:30] <linuxcnc-build> Hey! build 0000.checkin #2334 is complete: Success [3build successful]
[11:01:30] <linuxcnc-build> Build details are at http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/buildbot/builders/0000.checkin/builds/2334
[11:28:52] <seb_kuzminsky> jepler: i updated the buildbot front page tables as you suggested, thanks for the prod
[11:48:01] <jepler> seb_kuzminsky: thank you
[11:48:48] <jepler> seb_kuzminsky: do you still want a chance to review my proposed master changes? They're mostly the "safe stuff" from the kfreebsd branch
[11:57:31] <jepler> also I want to merge the SOB instructions and have chris install a SOB git hook soon, since that turned out to be an uncontrovertial idea
[11:58:20] <jepler> SOB git hook that looks at first-parent only, so for merging long-running projects one need only sign off the merge commit
[12:10:10] <seb_kuzminsky> hmm
[12:10:38] <seb_kuzminsky> i'm not the gate-keeper for master, but i dont mind being an extra pair of eyeballs for your proposed branch
[12:15:12] <seb_kuzminsky> jepler: the jepler/proposed-master commits all look like clear improvements, except i haven't traced through all the implications of "uspace: make libudev optional" in our build system
[12:21:35] <jepler> seb_kuzminsky: if somebody wanted to package kfreebsd debs, they'd have to do additional work in debian/ to not try to pull in the unavailable package
[12:44:06] <seb_kuzminsky> yeah, i've been thinking about that
[12:44:46] <seb_kuzminsky> i'm planning to pull my debian/configure script frmo ubc3 into master soonish, that will make those kinds of tweaks easier
[12:48:00] <seb_kuzminsky> i really like the portability fixes you've been making
[12:48:04] <seb_kuzminsky> feels like good hygiene
[13:27:38] <jepler> seb_kuzminsky: yeah, configure could use a good reaming. I look forward to seeing that go in.
[14:10:22] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Sebastian Kuzminsky 05master 6af41c9 06linuxcnc 10src/configure.in configure: more helpful "bwidget missing" message * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=6af41c9
[14:10:22] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Sebastian Kuzminsky 05master 13e8545 06linuxcnc 10src/configure.in configure: more helpful "libtk-img missing" message * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=13e8545
[15:13:43] <seb_kuzminsky> our docs build system is riddled with issues
[15:14:27] <seb_kuzminsky> http://i.imgur.com/JwKnRJ6.gif
[15:17:50] <PCW> I saw the same kind of daddy-longleg bundle when re-tarping the sheep shelter
[15:23:18] <seb_kuzminsky> did you poke it
[15:28:53] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Sebastian Kuzminsky 05master 09f7fba 06linuxcnc 10docs/src/links.xslt docs: section ids are externally accessible hyperlinks * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=09f7fba
[15:28:53] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Sebastian Kuzminsky 05master bb6cef6 06linuxcnc 10docs/src/Submakefile docs: all html links work now * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=bb6cef6
[15:29:36] <seb_kuzminsky> crap, i meant to put that in 2.6
[15:31:24] <PCW> They were under a fold in the old tarp so got disturbed, a bit scary until I saw what they were
[15:31:45] <seb_kuzminsky> huh, insects do not have blood, blood vessels, lungs, or hearts the way the
[15:31:52] <seb_kuzminsky> "higher animals" do
[15:32:44] <seb_kuzminsky> they have a working fluid called haemolymph that carries oxygen around, but without red bloodcells, and it just diffuses through their insides
[15:34:15] <PCW> at small scales skinny legs and no circulation system works
[15:35:52] <seb_kuzminsky> yeah, sure seems to be working well for them
[15:37:32] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Sebastian Kuzminsky 052.6 e6ee4a7 06linuxcnc 10docs/src/links.xslt docs: section ids are externally accessible hyperlinks * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=e6ee4a7
[15:37:32] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Sebastian Kuzminsky 052.6 c12e3a9 06linuxcnc 10docs/src/Submakefile docs: all html links work now * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=c12e3a9
[15:37:58] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Sebastian Kuzminsky 05master cbd4246 06linuxcnc Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/2.6' * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=cbd4246
[15:38:10] * seb_kuzminsky crawls back into his hole
[16:36:06] <jepler> Your boards have been depanelized and shipped to you via USPS priority mail. You should receive them within two days.
[16:36:52] <jepler> if accurate, that's 9 calendar days (7 working days) from order to delivery
[16:54:49] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05master de7bbf4 06linuxcnc 10(17 files in 8 dirs) Don't use non-portable integer types like __u32 * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=de7bbf4
[16:54:49] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05master 4d0133f 06linuxcnc 10src/rtapi/rtapi_uspace.hh uspace: ensure declaration of pthread_t is available * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=4d0133f
[16:54:49] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05master a83ba6b 06linuxcnc 10src/rtapi/rtapi.h 10src/rtapi/uspace_common.h 10src/rtapi/uspace_ulapi.c Get rid of indirect inclusion of rtapi_errno.h * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=a83ba6b
[16:54:51] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05master c01ec5b 06linuxcnc 10(6 files in 4 dirs) Don't use <linux/*.h>, <asm/*.h> blindly * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=c01ec5b
[16:54:55] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05master 9794215 06linuxcnc 10src/emc/motion/dbuf.c 10src/hal/drivers/mesa-hostmot2/bitfile.c Don't use errno constants that aren't portable * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=9794215
[16:54:58] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05master 32f9f1c 06linuxcnc 10(9 files in 5 dirs) Drop support for kernels below 2.6.14 * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=32f9f1c
[16:55:02] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05master 59d02f3 06linuxcnc 10src/libnml/os_intf/_sem.c Avoid printf error due to size of semaphore key type * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=59d02f3
[16:55:06] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05master d141d71 06linuxcnc 10src/rtapi/uspace_rtapi_app.cc Don't use nonportable linux socket semantics * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=d141d71
[16:56:08] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05jepler/proposed-master ace75ac 06linuxcnc 10src/configure.in 10src/rtapi/rtapi_pci.cc uspace: make libudev optional * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=ace75ac
[16:56:08] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05jepler/proposed-master 079426c 06linuxcnc 10src/rtapi/rtai_rtapi.c 10src/rtapi/rtapi_proc.h rtapi: disable /proc for kernel 3.10+ * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=079426c
[17:51:35] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Sebastian Kuzminsky 052.6 3b8317c 06linuxcnc 10scripts/platform-is-supported platform-is-supported: "arch" has components "os" and "cpu", consider both * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=3b8317c
[17:55:09] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Sebastian Kuzminsky 05master 8e58719 06linuxcnc 10scripts/platform-is-supported Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/2.6' * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=8e58719
[18:01:55] <seb_kuzminsky> jepler: if you rebase jepler/kfreebsd onto master we can teach the buildbot to try to build it
[18:02:36] <jepler> seb_kuzminsky: I imagine you have better things to do with your time
[18:03:31] <seb_kuzminsky> heh
[18:05:01] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05jepler/proposed-master 1f49719 06linuxcnc 10src/configure.in 10src/rtapi/rtapi_pci.cc uspace: make libudev optional * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=1f49719
[18:05:01] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05jepler/proposed-master bd57a83 06linuxcnc 10src/rtapi/rtai_rtapi.c 10src/rtapi/rtapi_proc.h rtapi: disable /proc for kernel 3.10+ * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=bd57a83
[18:06:08] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05jepler/kfreebsd 00a7238 06linuxcnc 10src/rtapi/rtapi_uspace.hh 10src/rtapi/uspace_rtapi_app.cc uspace: make non-portable setfsuid conditional * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=00a7238
[18:06:08] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05jepler/kfreebsd 4d30f05 06linuxcnc 10src/rtapi/uspace_common.h uspace: Handle undefined SHM_LOCK * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=4d30f05
[18:06:08] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05jepler/kfreebsd 0db9bbc 06linuxcnc 10src/hal/drivers/mesa-hostmot2/hm2_eth.c hm2_eth: make linux-specific code conditional * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=0db9bbc
[18:06:11] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05jepler/kfreebsd 88b871a 06linuxcnc 10(6 files in 3 dirs) rtapi_parport: provide parport mode defines on !linux * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=88b871a
[18:06:15] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05jepler/kfreebsd 246c6a9 06linuxcnc 10src/rtapi/uspace_rtapi_app.cc uspace: make non-portable harden_rt conditional * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=246c6a9
[18:06:19] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05jepler/kfreebsd 7be3ce8 06linuxcnc 10src/rtapi/uspace_rtapi_app.cc uspace: make non-portable setaffinity conditional * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=7be3ce8
[18:06:23] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Jeff Epler 05jepler/kfreebsd 1b60584 06linuxcnc 10src/rtapi/uspace_rtapi_parport.cc parport: not portable * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=1b60584
[18:06:51] <seb_kuzminsky> cool
[18:07:03] <jepler> rtapi_water.hh: not potable
[18:09:43] <KGB-linuxcnc> 03Sebastian Kuzminsky 05jepler/kfreebsd 7f60434 06linuxcnc 10scripts/platform-is-supported this branch supports kfreebsd * 14http://git.linuxcnc.org/?p=linuxcnc.git;a=commitdiff;h=7f60434
[18:09:59] <seb_kuzminsky> now we just need some buildslaves
[18:10:53] <seb_kuzminsky> and another shot of giddy silliness to continue this project
[18:11:22] <jepler> it's not useful for anything!
[18:11:29] <jepler> the kfreebsd port, I mean
[18:11:35] <jepler> I'm sure the project's good for something
[18:12:05] <seb_kuzminsky> someone open a bug ticket to rebrand the project to kfreebsdcnc
[18:12:19] <jepler> posixcnc
[18:13:20] <jepler> also, if somebody wants to buy me a macbook with retina display, I'll promise to spend at least 9 hours working on a port to os x
[18:14:01] <seb_kuzminsky> 0 16:55:05 seb@sebastiansmbp2 /Users/seb> gcc
[18:14:01] <seb_kuzminsky> clang: error: no input files
[18:14:09] <seb_kuzminsky> hmmm...
[18:14:30] <seb_kuzminsky> argh, stop me before i clone again
[18:14:38] <jepler> stop
[18:14:39] <jepler> come back
[18:14:41] <jepler> </gene wilder>
[18:14:49] <seb_kuzminsky> heh
[18:15:00] <jepler> http://www.reactiongifs.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/stop_dont_come_back_willy_wonka.gif
[18:15:19] <seb_kuzminsky> he looks ljust like you
[18:15:23] <seb_kuzminsky> track suit and everything
[18:18:45] <jepler> I don't have the hat though
[18:19:05] <jepler> also I think gene wilder has nicer eyes than me, but that's probably a personal preference
[18:21:43] <seb_kuzminsky> meh, old hat, http://www.tuxcnc.org/pivot/entry.php?id=18#body
[18:21:53] <jepler> > In general, the kernel community has long worked to maintain a vague and scary ambiguity around the legal status of proprietary modules while being unwilling to attempt to ban such modules outright.
[18:27:04] <seb_kuzminsky> http://www.finkproject.org/
[18:52:59] <CaptHindsight> some Linuxcnc app running on the cubie2 http://www.bevelcutting.com/blog.html
[18:53:52] <CaptHindsight> uses USB, prices vary based on the number and type of IO
[18:54:11] <CaptHindsight> Linuxcnc / Linux CNC
[19:09:24] <jepler> ah, not linuxcnc software, but cnc software running on linux. as far as I can see.
[19:52:36] <PCW> Surprisingly I can make a working Ethernet config with the smallest Spartan6 FPGA (4 stepgens an encoder and a pwmgen)
[19:52:51] <jepler> ooh if only my network operated at 3 exabytes/s all the time. http://emergent.unpythonic.net/files/sandbox/wow-net.png
[19:53:37] <PCW> That is rather fast
[19:58:27] <jepler> PCW: if your offer of a 7i90 stands, I'd like to accept it now. I would like to see hm2_spi working, and I feel like I can easily lose a week if I am trying to get the linux side and the fpga side up at the same time. I can also offer to work on unifying 7i43 and 7i90 drivers on the linuxcnc side, though I don't think that having both of them is much of a maintainance problem at the moment.
[19:59:19] <PCW> yeah its really hm2_epp
[20:00:02] <PCW> Sure I can send a proto 7I90 (we are out of production cards for a bit)
[20:01:27] <PCW> did you try the ssremote assy code with your assembler? it has no macros at all
[20:01:27] <jepler> that would be great
[20:02:27] <jepler> PCW: yes. after manually preprocessing, that one gives a byte-identical output
[20:03:08] <jepler> remember, I found you had written "ret" in column 0 so it was a label?
[20:03:24] <PCW> Thats right
[20:03:54] <PCW> (there are many more bugs in that code but it does work)
[20:04:19] <jepler> do you still have my mailing address?
[20:04:31] <PCW> someone here must
[20:06:05] <jepler> and with my work-in-progress includes-and-macros , the version that uses #include works after all the #includes have been changed to lowercase (and no backslashed paths, if that was applicable to these files)
[20:07:47] <PCW> Thats amazing!
[20:08:23] <jepler> hm how different are d8sw and d8ss?
[20:08:28] <PCW> (that anything could parse that gobbledeguck)
[20:08:46] <jepler> well I pushed the wip version to my git
[20:09:06] <PCW> not terribly but I would ignore code for the older processors
[20:09:12] <jepler> I kinda feel like it's one of those projects where I should start from a blank screen again, not a lot of pride in it like I have sometimes in my code
[20:10:10] <PCW> (i will patch the twiddler firmware to work with the latest code)
[20:10:47] <PCW> It just has to work :-)
[20:11:24] <PCW> the Ethernet code would be interesting
[20:11:24] <jepler> pidena $ %flag set true to enable pid
[20:11:35] <jepler> so what does makeinc turn this into? pidena_flag .equ ????
[20:12:20] <PCW> $ is next location
[20:12:43] <PCW> current location I should say
[20:13:49] <jepler> I guess I have the generated .equ file in this case, I ought to read it
[20:14:39] <jepler> dummy # %uint default 16bit pointers point here
[20:14:42] <jepler> and # ?
[20:15:05] <jepler> oh seems like it doesn't increment
[20:15:09] <PCW> Hmm...
[20:17:25] <PCW> looks like %flag is funny (where is it used?) hardwired to 16 bits
[20:17:52] <jepler> not sure whether I'm looking at current or stable code, but it's "sslbp/8i20inc.inc"
[20:18:28] <jepler> why is null at 2048?
[20:18:37] <jepler> .inc: null 0 %ptr uninitialized pointers point to dummy
[20:18:45] <jepler> .equ: null_ptr equ 2048 ; uninitialized pointers point to dummy
[20:19:42] <PCW> thats probably some strange artifact of DSPIC RAM/ROM addressing thats leaked in
[20:20:14] <jepler> .inc: nvmaxmodulei 0 %eword AD units
[20:20:21] <jepler> nvmaxmodulei_eword equ 0 ; AD units
[20:20:25] <jepler> ^^ .equ:
[20:20:30] <jepler> but this 0 stays 0
[20:21:08] <PCW> EEPROM variables have their own address spece
[20:22:09] <PCW> (they are not accessed directly but still have addresses)
[20:25:14] <jepler> so the %-names must have a mapping to say what address space they reside in
[20:25:21] <jepler> (or maybe %eword is unique
[20:25:22] <jepler> )
[20:25:32] <jepler> and there must be an offset or starting address too
[20:29:24] <PCW> I doubt any code actually uses ewords in sslbp
[20:29:46] <jepler> right now I think I'm having trouble because the shipped lbp.equ and lbp.inc did not match
[20:30:25] <jepler> but I would rather hack on makeinc.py than try to figure out the provenance of these files
[20:33:17] <PCW> I can build them again tomorrow
[20:33:41] <jepler> with any luck I can have makeinc.py working tonight
[20:36:03] <PCW> there are a lot of extra includes from 8I20 stuff that are unused (100s of consts to get 6)
[20:36:04] <jepler> I believe I got these sslbp source files from 7i90.zip with the newest contained file dated 2014-03-12, zip file md5sum f381740ddbc33eae5e0c6b927c42d773
[20:36:54] <PCW> what is the sslbp zip file md5?
[20:37:32] <jepler> fc84eb3f8d8c86b2f3449761bbcb5062
[20:37:39] <jepler> let me just double-check that my .inc and .equ come from there
[20:37:46] <jepler> they don't match in size because I unix-converted them
[20:37:57] <PCW> MD5 (SSLBP.ZIP) = fc84eb3f8d8c86b2f3449761bbcb5062
[20:38:03] <PCW> bbiab
[20:38:55] <jepler> oh hmm, the .equ file isn't even in the zip
[20:39:37] <jepler> I bet I copied it from somewhere else, I had at least one more sslbp source zip
[20:57:01] <jepler> just built ssremote.
[20:59:29] <jepler> .. using my fixed-up makeinc
[21:03:18] <jepler> and now sslbp. I don't think I have a vhdl rom image of it to compare, though
[21:03:32] <jepler> looks 5 instructions short of filling rom
[21:04:07] <jepler> oh there's the rom
[21:05:33] <jepler> lots of differences, but it could be due to using a wrong .tab
[21:19:40] <linuxcnc-build> build #0 of 1402.rip-wheezy-rtpreempt-i386 is complete: Failure [4failed install-missing-build-dependencies configuring configure] Build details are at http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/buildbot/builders/1402.rip-wheezy-rtpreempt-i386/builds/0 blamelist: Sebastian Kuzminsky <seb@highlab.com>
[21:21:39] <linuxcnc-build> build #0 of 4014.deb-wheezy-rtpreempt-i386 is complete: Failure [4failed apt-get-update shell_1] Build details are at http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/buildbot/builders/4014.deb-wheezy-rtpreempt-i386/builds/0 blamelist: dummy, Chris Morley <chrisinnanaimo@hotmail.com>, Francis Tisserant <tissf@free.fr>, Jeff Epler <jepler@unpythonic.net>, Sebastian
[21:21:39] <linuxcnc-build> Kuzminsky <seb@highlab.com>, Dewey Garrett <dgarrett@panix.com>
[21:37:39] <jepler> hm, it's not just constants, some subroutine addresses are different too
[21:38:09] <jepler> of course either one is a cascading problem
[21:40:38] <jepler> PCW: I think having a matched .inc and .equ for sslbp would be helpful
[21:41:46] <jepler> I suppose I should bit the bullet and make a proper table for it too, some problems could be rooted there
[21:41:49] <jepler> done for the night, though
[21:48:54] <seb_kuzminsky> linuxcnc-build: force build --branch=master 1402.rip-wheezy-rtpreempt-i386
[21:48:56] <linuxcnc-build> build #2 forced
[21:48:56] <linuxcnc-build> I'll give a shout when the build finishes
[21:54:33] <linuxcnc-build> build #2340 of 0000.checkin is complete: Failure [4failed] Build details are at http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/buildbot/builders/0000.checkin/builds/2340 blamelist: Sebastian Kuzminsky <seb@highlab.com>
[22:35:40] <linuxcnc-build> Hey! build 1402.rip-wheezy-rtpreempt-i386 #2 is complete: Warnings [8warnings apt-get-update compile]
[22:35:40] <linuxcnc-build> Build details are at http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/buildbot/builders/1402.rip-wheezy-rtpreempt-i386/builds/2
[23:50:43] <seb_kuzminsky> E: linuxcnc-uspace: udev-rule-in-etc etc/udev/rules.d/99-xhc.rules
[23:50:48] <seb_kuzminsky> i guess that's us told