#linuxcnc-devel | Logs for 2014-06-22

[06:19:51] <Robert302> Hello, i need some help to create a working makefile for the comedi driver, is there someone who could give me a short advice!?
[10:41:03] <memleak> hi all.
[10:41:49] <memleak> im diffing the ubc-3 branches right now
[10:58:52] <memleak> there's going to be several diffs available and they're all probably going to be gigantic so i'll host all that stuff here: https://github.com/NTULINUX/linuxcnc i'm going to practice merging ubc-3 and master and whatnot there with diff blobs along the way
[11:40:00] <memleak> heh there's only like 8 conflicts, this will be easy
[12:13:16] <memleak> https://github.com/NTULINUX/linuxcnc/tree/ubc3-7i80-master initial merge and diff of ubc3-7i80 and master branch
[12:15:22] <memleak> i'll test compilation on that tree later on, currently on a non-RT fedora system. ill fix whatever issues arise, in the mean time you can review the ubc3-7i80-master.diff file and review the changes between ubc3-7i80 and linuxcnc master branch
[12:15:35] <memleak> its a 3.0MB file btw
[12:16:36] <memleak> if you want more diffs / merges of other various branches just let me know. im going to go build a new RT-system. ping CaptHindsight with whatever questions you have for me in regards to the diff. take care!