#linuxcnc-devel | Logs for 2014-04-12

[13:55:39] <skunkworks> feel the love... http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/dmg-mori-gildemeister-maho-cnc/fix-your-maho-thread-270525/index6.html#post2271301
[13:57:31] <cradek> haha faint praise is still praise
[13:57:38] <cradek> "it's not unusable"
[13:59:40] <cradek> in other news, I had remembered sturgeon's law as being "80% of everything is crap", but upon looking it up, I find it's actually 90%
[14:00:36] <cradek> considering that, "not unusable" means linuxcnc is a shining gem of a unicorn
[14:03:58] <skunkworks> :)
[14:05:49] <MrHindsight> I wonder what they feel is missing to feel that it sucks?
[14:06:50] <MrHindsight> I'd like to see what the problem is with his contours
[15:21:04] <pcw_home> "<MrHindsight> I'd like to see what the problem is with his contours "
[15:21:05] <pcw_home> Didn't bother to read the manual about G64?
[17:48:41] <andypugh> seb_kuzminsky: Re Wiki.. Is that page I linked what you wanted? Do you want me to copy it accross to the 2.6 page?
[20:15:45] <KimK> With all the many changes in the works on many fronts, where does Vismach fit in? Is it expected to continue more or less as is, or will it be obsoleted/removed when all the new changes are completed?
[20:38:31] <andypugh> I would rather like to see it stay and grow some documentation….
[20:40:03] <KimK> I too would like it to stay. Maybe I can help w/ docs for it later.
[20:40:21] <andypugh> Time for me to log.
[20:40:26] <cradek> I think there *is* documentation, on the wiki, needing to be moved into the real docs, and there's an open bug saying that
[20:40:38] <cradek> I think it's even on todo-2.6
[20:40:38] <KimK> Goodnight Andy
[20:40:44] * cradek waves belatedly at andy
[20:40:52] <cradek> hi kim
[20:40:53] <KimK> oops, I'm too slow
[20:40:59] <cradek> are you still in wichita?
[20:41:03] <KimK> Hi Chris
[20:41:08] <KimK> Yes, still here
[20:42:09] <KimK> I'll keep your suggestion in mind and see if I can improve the docs later.
[20:42:39] <KimK> After all, I'd be walking in more or less cold, so I'm an ideal test case, lol!
[20:42:46] <cradek> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Vismach
[20:43:01] <KimK> Thanks!
[20:44:44] <cradek> aha here it is: http://sourceforge.net/p/emc/bugs/367/
[20:49:15] <cradek> seb_kuzminsky: you did make a bug for that, with mixed success: https://sourceforge.net/p/emc/bugs/336/
[20:52:58] <cradek> I can't believe I can't figure out how to show just the open bugs in the 2.6 group