#linuxcnc-devel | Logs for 2013-11-10

[04:34:59] <SadMan> what's the latest branch that should work with xenomai? rtos-master-v0?
[11:21:35] <skunkworks> think it is preview 3
[11:21:37] <skunkworks> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?NewRTInstall
[11:21:42] <skunkworks> SadMan: ^
[11:28:11] <SadMan> i'm currently fighting with unified-build-candidate-3 branch, not much luck tho so far
[11:29:19] <SadMan> [ 47.426180] RTAPI:0 ERROR: can attach global segment: -2
[12:03:05] <mhaberler> Sadman: please see http://static.mah.priv.at/public/UnifiedBuild.html
[12:43:26] <SadMan> mhaberler: thanks, reading it but any idea why i'm getting "RTAPI:0 ERROR: can attach global segment: -2" on inserting rtapi.ko?
[12:43:51] <mhaberler> help me to guess what you have done and which setup you have
[12:45:03] <SadMan> currently i'm using your(?) xenomai kernel (3.2.x)
[12:45:11] <SadMan> and stuff built from unified-build-candidate-3
[12:46:18] <mhaberler> please report from start. Are you using x86, or some other platform
[12:46:25] <SadMan> yes, x86
[12:46:34] <SadMan> ubuntu 12.04
[12:46:40] <SadMan> 32bit
[12:46:55] <mhaberler> ok, please see http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?XenomaiKernelPackages for current xenomai kernels (3.5.7),3.2 is outdated
[12:47:10] <mhaberler> where did you get this from (so I can delete it)?
[12:47:31] <mhaberler> this is not the problem though. Please post your src/config.log on pastebin.
[12:48:52] <mhaberler> errno -2 is 'No such file or directory' which means either the module wasnt built, or the paths arent set up
[12:49:03] <mhaberler> did you run '. scripts/rip-environment' ?
[12:50:03] <SadMan> http://pastebin.com/jY5UQ8Vr
[12:50:18] <SadMan> i'm not using it in-place, i've made debs and installed them
[12:50:30] <SadMan> (could be part of the problem)
[12:51:15] <SadMan> http://static.mah.priv.at/public/xenomai-debs/
[12:51:26] <mhaberler> please uninstall those debs, follow the instructions in the link to configure as run-in-place
[12:51:30] <mhaberler> thanks
[12:56:25] <SadMan> ok, i'll try that
[12:56:33] <SadMan> so system-wide instals are currently a no go?
[12:57:02] <mhaberler> I didnt test them recently; it might work or not - RIP definitely works
[13:40:29] <mhaberler> SadMan
[13:40:32] <mhaberler> oops
[13:40:39] <mhaberler> bbl