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Jun 04 2021

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04:09 AM Tom_L: hi
04:09 AM XXCoder: yo
04:41 AM XXCoder: man
04:42 AM XXCoder: summer "preview" is ending soon here... for now lol
05:31 AM JT-Cave: morning
05:42 AM XXCoder: yo
06:20 AM pink_vampire: hello!
06:20 AM XXCoder: yo
06:20 AM XXCoder: how goes your lathe project
06:21 AM pink_vampire: I got very interesting packed yesterday
06:22 AM pink_vampire: https://i.imgur.com/2gCfSVL.png
06:22 AM XXCoder: a whole lot of connectors, looks vaguely familiar
06:22 AM XXCoder: MESA card?
06:22 AM XXCoder: uline HMM maybe not lol
06:23 AM XXCoder: doh it is. saw label
06:23 AM pink_vampire: yes! mesa 7i96 - ethernet
06:23 AM XXCoder: awesome :D whats you working on with that?
06:23 AM XXCoder: me and my brother is building his prusa mk3s+ clone
06:24 AM pink_vampire: and I want to use it with a very cute computer that I have hp dc7900
06:25 AM pink_vampire: it is something like that one https://www.ebay.com/itm/121289866688
06:25 AM pink_vampire: but mine have E5200 cpu and 3GB ram
06:25 AM pink_vampire: what do you think? is that will work with the new linux and the mesa card?
06:26 AM XXCoder: very compact. might be similiar to laptop in hardware and may have bad latency like laptop
06:26 AM XXCoder: dont know though
06:26 AM XXCoder: if it has pretty much standard computer and not like laptop then probably fine.
06:26 AM XXCoder: checked back. looks standard-ish? dunno
06:27 AM XXCoder: best to just boot linuxcnc live distro then test latency
06:27 AM XXCoder: i dont think latency matters as much when has MESA. could be wrong however lol rusty memory
06:27 AM pink_vampire: I can't find the md5sum for the new iso
06:28 AM XXCoder: hm maybe andy or jt knows
06:28 AM pink_vampire: it boot but I can't run the live
06:28 AM JT-Cave: pink_vampire, I have a configuration tool for the 7i96
06:29 AM JT-Cave: this iso? http://www.linuxcnc.org/iso/linuxcnc-2.8.0-buster.iso
06:30 AM pink_vampire: JT-Cave I think it is abit early for that, I first need to boot the linux. I tried with easy to boot on the usb drive, but no luck, I think the download is bad, but I can't find the md5sum to verify the download.
06:30 AM JT-Cave: md5sum is here http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.8/html/getting-started/getting-linuxcnc.html
06:31 AM pink_vampire: JT-Cave awesome!!!
06:56 AM pink_vampire: it is working on making the usb stick now, I'm using win32 disk imager
06:57 AM XXCoder: awesome
07:03 AM pink_vampire: done!
07:07 AM pink_vampire: good news the linux cnc live is up !
07:08 AM XXCoder: awesome :)
07:08 AM XXCoder: i guess last one was bad download or something
07:08 AM pink_vampire: yes the md5sum was wrong
07:57 AM JT-Cave: finally getting the code sorted out for my pocket routine https://gnipsel.com/images/misc/Screenshot%20at%202021-06-04%2007-39-08.png
08:08 AM vodkra: \41
08:09 AM * vodkra mistapes something :X
10:56 AM XXCoder: JT-Cave: awesome :)
11:18 AM JT-Shop: damn customer filed a case with paypal...
11:57 AM Tom_L: JT-Shop, will those tight radius leave material between cuts?
11:58 AM Tom_L: btw, customer always wins those...
11:59 AM JT-Shop: yeah I know and they keep the damn cards too
11:59 AM JT-Shop: I think I need to work a bit on the radius and start position
12:00 PM Tom_L: i'd explain due to covid shipping has been delayed severely
12:00 PM JT-Shop: I did
12:01 PM JT-Shop: I also told them no packages have moved since the second week of april 2021
12:01 PM Roguish: JT-Shop, good morning. hey, on your systems with mesa/ethernet boards, do you have the cpu board in a seperate enclosure, like a regualar computer enclosure? or just in the main controls enclosure?
12:01 PM Tom_L: ethernet can go either way
12:01 PM JT-Shop: just in a normal pc case for all
12:02 PM Tom_L: i use a regular pc case for mine and run a cable to the control
12:02 PM JT-Shop: except the CHNC there is a huge hole in it so I just mounted the mb to the wall
12:03 PM JT-Shop: https://gnipsel.com/shop/hardinge/hardinge-09.xhtml
12:03 PM Roguish: sorta what I thought. guess I'll get a small miniatx box with powersupply.
12:03 PM JT-Shop: Tom_L, do you have any dnc software?
12:03 PM Tom_L: probably
12:03 PM Tom_L: you can use umm...
12:04 PM * Tom_L is losing his mind.. boots the other pc
12:05 PM Tom_L: realterm
12:05 PM Tom_L: you can set it up just about any way you can think of as far as handshaking
12:05 PM Tom_L: my bud is using it on his tree
12:06 PM Tom_L: i even had to add delays between transfer bytes on that old thing
12:06 PM Tom_L: that cad cam comes with a comm program too
12:07 PM Tom_L: we used to use one from another cad cam package ... surfcam maybe? i can't remember now
12:07 PM Tom_L: it worked pretty good too
12:08 PM Tom_L: if you use hardware handshaking, you need to know what your cnc expects as far as pins jumpered
12:09 PM Tom_L: usually involves pins 4,5,6,8 & 20 on a DB25 serial iirc
12:09 PM Roguish: JT-Shop, try this one. I use it on the Haas i run. use it on an XP computer.... https://nclink.software.informer.com/
12:10 PM JT-Shop: they have a serial connection I think but after his computer crashed the dnc software he is using starting giving him only 50 lines
12:10 PM Roguish: works good, has a pretty handy gcode editor also.
12:10 PM JT-Shop: he has a Haas
12:11 PM Tom_L: the handshaking is probably already set up then
12:11 PM JT-Shop: hmm works with onecnc
12:11 PM Roguish: older haas need customized comm cable. not standard. easy to make though.
12:12 PM Tom_L: they all work about the same
12:12 PM JT-Shop: I think he has the com cable but when he loaded his cam software back in it reverted to trial copy even though they have the license
12:12 PM JT-Shop: and that company went out of business a few years ago
12:13 PM Tom_L: you basically set up the baud, parity, stop bits and what type of handshaking it uses, software or hardware
12:13 PM Tom_L: some older machines use odd setups
12:14 PM Tom_L: iirc the tree was 4800, N 7 2
12:15 PM Tom_L: if you're planning to support him, i'd write down the comm cable wiring. at some point you'll have to make a new one :D
12:17 PM JT-Shop: I'm just trying to find him some dnc software he can use in place of what he has now
12:18 PM internut: 4-5, 6-8-20 <----- memories
12:18 PM JT-Shop: I managed to get a cavity in a block with the other part but the roughing file is billion lines lol and my vmc won't load over 27kb into memory
12:19 PM JT-Shop: used a bigger tool and got the file down to 82,507 lines lol
12:19 PM Tom_L: internut, not always but alot of the time
12:20 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, that part we were looking at?
12:20 PM Joe_Hildreth: Well, been a while since I been on the IIRC but you all changed it up on me. No password or account required now?
12:20 PM Tom_L: can you dnc yours?
12:20 PM Tom_L: Joe_Hildreth, you should register really
12:20 PM Joe_Hildreth: OK.
12:20 PM Tom_L: they request an email
12:21 PM Joe_Hildreth: Don't mean to be an idiot, where do I go to register?
12:21 PM Tom_L: right here
12:22 PM Tom_L: Syntax: REGISTER <password> <email-address>
12:22 PM Joe_Hildreth: Sweet, thanks
12:22 PM Tom_L: /nickserv register.....
12:23 PM Joe_Hildreth: REGISTER M3l1ssaFr0g2005! joeh@threerivershospital.com
12:24 PM Joe_Hildreth: hahah I screwed that up, huh?
12:24 PM JT-Shop: oops
12:24 PM Joe_Hildreth: Hi JT
12:24 PM JT-Shop: you forgot the /msg part
12:24 PM JT-Shop: Tom_L, https://gnipsel.com/files/telsa/FSB-No-Foam%202.zip
12:25 PM JT-Shop: that's the part I finally got to make a cavity with
12:25 PM JT-Shop: I had to fix all the errors then use featureworks to recognize all the features and turn it into a sw part
12:32 PM Joe_Hildreth: I finally muddled my way through that. The older I get, the worse I think my brain functions. HAH
12:33 PM JT-Shop: here's your sign it ain't going to get better
12:34 PM JT-Shop: well the ebay seller assured me the usps has my servo in transit and said his local usps won't scan a package a lot when picking them up
12:42 PM andypugh: This seems too cheap to be true? https://www.amazon.co.uk/3911-125-Hardware-Accessory-Industrial-Accurancy/dp/B08D9L7GY8
12:48 PM Tom_L: woops..
12:52 PM dirty_D: if I wanted to change the step scale at runtime, I could set these from a control panel or something right? hm2_7i96.0.stepgen.01.position-scale
12:54 PM Tom_L: not without restarting linuxcnc
12:54 PM Tom_L: they get read once on startup
12:57 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, did you use onecnc on it?
12:58 PM andypugh: I am pretty sure that you can actually change the step scale at runtime.
12:58 PM dirty_D: ahh ok, so there isn't really any way to do scaling besides running the gcode through a program that scales it?
12:58 PM dirty_D: oh cool
12:58 PM JT-Shop: aye I used onecnc to make the g code
12:58 PM Tom_L: orly?
12:58 PM andypugh: But your position will move a _lot_ when you do, I suspect.
12:58 PM dirty_D: even if its a very small change to the scale?
12:59 PM dirty_D: I'd do this to like calibrate a PCB drilling program to the actual dimensions of the board, if its off
01:00 PM dirty_D: I have a camera mounted on the z axis looking down that can be used to locate features and dial things in
01:00 PM pink_vampire: the glxgears are running for few hours on the live cd and this is the latency that I got on it. https://i.imgur.com/u9iADMN.png
01:01 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, that looks like it would be alot easier to work with
01:01 PM dirty_D: I should probably just scale the program
01:01 PM pink_vampire: what is the next step?
01:01 PM Tom_L: load up your mesa cards and start milling
01:02 PM pink_vampire: Tom_L not sure how to do it in live cd
01:02 PM Tom_L: oh, not sure you can
01:02 PM Tom_L: i thought you installed the iso
01:02 PM pink_vampire: also it have 2 SSD drives, and I'm not sure if it will be good idea to installed them in raid
01:02 PM dirty_D: andypugh I'm running linuxcnc in sim mode on my PC right now, I don't see anything named position-scale under "show hal configuration". I'm guessing because its not used in sim mode?
01:04 PM pink_vampire: I talking about the debian software raid (raid 1)
01:05 PM andypugh: dirty_D: It’s a parameter
01:05 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, those files don't look so big :)
01:05 PM Tom_L: the gcode...
01:06 PM andypugh: dirty_D: I just tried loading a stepgen, with the default scale of 1, and running it to position 100. Counts = 100
01:07 PM andypugh: Then I “halcmd setp stepgen.0.position-scale 2” and the step counts ran up to 200.
01:07 PM dirty_D: hmm, I don't see it in the list of parameters
01:07 PM Joe_Hildreth: I have been running my router from a parallel port with stepper motors. I just bought a 6i25 and 7i76 and am looking forward to trying to figure out how they work etc. But I have a dumb question, is it pronounced mEEsa or mAYsa?
01:07 PM JT-Shop: when you can only load 27kb they are huge lol
01:07 PM andypugh: halcmd: show param
01:07 PM andypugh: Parameters:
01:07 PM andypugh: Owner Type Dir Value Name
01:07 PM andypugh: 4 u32 RW 0x000F4240 stepgen.0.dirhold
01:07 PM andypugh: 4 u32 RW 0x000F4240 stepgen.0.dirsetup
01:07 PM andypugh: 4 float RO 0 stepgen.0.frequency
01:07 PM andypugh: 4 float RW 0 stepgen.0.maxaccel
01:07 PM andypugh: 4 float RW 0 stepgen.0.maxvel
01:07 PM andypugh: 4 float RW 2 stepgen.0.position-scale
01:08 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, just one tool?
01:08 PM andypugh: pcw_home: How do _you_ pronounce it?
01:08 PM Joe_Hildreth: mAYsa
01:08 PM Joe_Hildreth: haha
01:08 PM dirty_D: andypugh I'm running the sim
01:08 PM JT-Shop: Joe they are on the way
01:08 PM andypugh: dirty_D: Doesn’t matter
01:08 PM Joe_Hildreth: Awesome!
01:09 PM dirty_D: halcmd show param | grep scale
01:09 PM JT-Shop: did you get the tracking from paypal
01:09 PM dirty_D: 40 float RW 1.1 near_speed.scale
01:09 PM dirty_D: 31 float RW 0.01666667 sim_spindle.scale
01:09 PM dirty_D: that's all I got
01:09 PM Joe_Hildreth: Yes sir I did get it.
01:09 PM andypugh: dirty_D: You don’t seem to even have any stepgens then?
01:09 PM dirty_D: I just ran the default axis after a fresh install
01:09 PM JT-Shop: your package has already left town and on the way to the sorting center
01:10 PM andypugh: Makes sense, why bother having stepgens in a sim when there is nothing to send steps to?
01:10 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, have you ever dnc'd on yours?
01:10 PM dirty_D: yea
01:10 PM JT-Shop: no, just reading the manual to see what it might take, there are two parallel type plugs on the back
01:10 PM JT-Shop: one is marked lpt1
01:11 PM pink_vampire: is there an issue with the software raid in debian and the realtime that linux cnc require?
01:11 PM JT-Shop: and the other one is - A -
01:11 PM dirty_D: I should probably just use this https://www.scorchworks.com/Gcoderipper/gcoderipper.html
01:12 PM dirty_D: Seems backwards to change the machines scale unless it's actually off
01:12 PM Joe_Hildreth: I didn't realize they were in Poplar Bluff. I grew up in Granite City, IL
01:14 PM JT-Shop: they?
01:17 PM Joe_Hildreth: The mesa boards were from Poplar Bluff.
01:18 PM JT-Shop: gotta love the DX-32 manual... NOTE: to use REMOTE LOAD the proper cable must be connected
01:18 PM JT-Shop: just me and the wife and chickens here in pb
01:18 PM JT-Shop: I'm the US distributor
01:19 PM Joe_Hildreth: I understand.
01:21 PM Joe_Hildreth: Hopefully the learning curve won't be too bad. I promise to RTFM before i start driving all of you crazy with questions.
01:22 PM JT-Shop: on topic questions are refreshingly rare here lol
01:23 PM Joe_Hildreth: Sweet. Well work calls, be back later.
01:24 PM JT-Shop: k
01:28 PM JT-Shop: wow got my tax refund from MO which offset my fed taxes with $10 left over
01:32 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, time to PARTY!
01:35 PM JT-Shop: LOL
01:36 PM Tom_L: what control is that?
01:36 PM JT-Shop: looks like Port A is the dmc communication port
01:36 PM Tom_L: the search mentioned boss 5-9
01:36 PM JT-Shop: dx-32
01:36 PM Tom_L: i have the manual open
01:37 PM Tom_L: his boss5 was 20ma current loop
01:37 PM Tom_L: i gave that manual to archivist :/
01:38 PM Tom_L: it's got a pc with it?
01:38 PM Tom_L: dos
01:38 PM pink_vampire: archivist is still around??
01:38 PM Tom_L: nope
01:38 PM JT-Shop: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YZSFCwGcPm/
01:39 PM JT-Shop: that's the pins on port A
01:39 PM pink_vampire: anyone know what happened to him?
01:39 PM Tom_L: he left
01:39 PM Tom_L: got busy with life
01:39 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, obviously you cross tx rx
01:40 PM JT-Shop: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WpYXf4vqbv/
01:40 PM JT-Shop: updated with numbers
01:41 PM Tom_L: you can try 5-6 (8-20)
01:41 PM Tom_L: or 4-5 rts-cts
01:41 PM Tom_L: jumper them and basically you're not using flow control
01:42 PM Tom_L: it should fly thru that code fast enough to be ok
01:43 PM JT-Shop: I'll get the dnc software Roguish mentioned earlier in the am
01:43 PM Tom_L: some tie 6-8-20
01:43 PM Tom_L: k
01:43 PM Tom_L: you have some on that iso i gave you too
01:43 PM JT-Shop: ok
01:44 PM Tom_L: the newer one is probably a better user interface
01:44 PM Tom_L: they all work basically the same
01:44 PM JT-Shop: I've never used one so a bit of learning
01:45 PM Tom_L: i've even used procomm
01:45 PM Tom_L: in ascii mode
01:45 PM JT-Shop: how long of a serial cable can you use?
01:45 PM Tom_L: 10-12' probably
01:45 PM Tom_L: i did one clear across the shop on his with a repeater in the middle
01:46 PM Tom_L: probably 50-75'
01:48 PM JT-Shop: wow
01:49 PM Tom_L: from the cad cam room to the other end of the shop :)
01:51 PM Tom_L: haha
01:51 PM Tom_L: the disk 1.44Mbyte capacity (12000 ft)
01:52 PM Tom_L: used to paper tape terminology
01:52 PM Tom_L: iirc, he had EZ-CAM
01:53 PM Tom_L: i'm not sure we stuck with it
01:54 PM JT-Shop: I think the dx-32 has ez-cam
01:54 PM Tom_L: that was years ago but i think we used it at least for a bit on his boss5
01:54 PM Tom_L: before he had an actual shop
01:55 PM Tom_L: he started in his garage
01:55 PM Tom_L: i used to have the EZ-CAM book but i'm sure i don't now
01:59 PM Tom_L: https://www.cnczone.com/forums/bridgeport-hardinge-mills/7834-dx32-dnc.html
02:01 PM Tom_L: haha one guy refers to procomm which i did use back then
02:02 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, this looks like what you need: AS a service tech, I carry PROCOMM for DOS on an old laptop. I use 8 data bits, 2 stop bits, no parity, X-ON X-OFF enabled and a matching baud rate.
02:02 PM Tom_L: You will need jumpers on your data cable. 4 to 5 is one. 6 to 8 to 20 is the other jumper.
02:02 PM Tom_L: so a very standard db25 cable wiring
02:03 PM Tom_L: cross 2-3 rx tx
02:03 PM Tom_L: and remember if you're going from a DB25 to a DB9 those 2 are reversed
02:04 PM Tom_L: i bet if i could get that old laptop to boot it would be set up ready to go with procomm :D
02:04 PM JT-Shop: yeah I saw that post but it didn't make much sense yet
02:05 PM Tom_L: on the cnc end, solder jumpers on those pins
02:05 PM Tom_L: 5-6
02:05 PM Tom_L: then 6-8-20
02:05 PM Tom_L: so all that really goes to the pc is 2 & 2
02:05 PM Tom_L: 2 &3
02:05 PM Tom_L: sry
02:05 PM Tom_L: then
02:05 PM JT-Shop: hmm rufus didn't create the iso on a usb stick
02:06 PM Tom_L: in the software set up flow control for xon xoff
02:06 PM Tom_L: i bet if i dug deep enough i'd have a cable
02:06 PM Tom_L: i bet it's in my laptop case
02:08 PM JT-Shop: quess I'll have to burn a cd
02:08 PM Tom_L: for?
02:10 PM JT-Shop: just installed winrar and it opened the iso
02:10 PM Tom_L: i just found the floppy with the surfcam dnc on it if it's still readable
02:10 PM Tom_L: it was still in the laptop case
02:11 PM Tom_L: now wtf do i have that still has a floppy....
02:12 PM JT-Shop: my discovery 308 has a floppy
02:12 PM JT-Shop: I still have some floppy floppys
02:12 PM Tom_L: lemme see if i can read this
02:13 PM Tom_L: sdnc.exe
02:13 PM Tom_L: :)
02:13 PM Tom_L: it's a dos program
02:13 PM robotustra: floppy can be ok even in 15 years +
02:14 PM Tom_L: you have something that will run dos still?
02:14 PM Tom_L: it will drip feed the cnc
02:14 PM Tom_L: oh wait.. it says this program requires ms windows
02:15 PM Tom_L: so it should run on xp
02:15 PM Tom_L: if you want it
02:15 PM JT-Shop: I still have an xp laptop
02:15 PM pink_vampire: do you use swap partition on ssd drive?
02:16 PM Tom_L: i wonder if i can map the A drive
02:26 PM Tom_L: well that won't work
02:26 PM Tom_L: missing a .dll file
02:27 PM robotustra: probably some runtime dlls
02:27 PM Tom_L: yeah
02:28 PM robotustra: I think I will do static build of my cad for such case
02:29 PM pink_vampire: I think there is an issue with the irc channel, someone see my massages?
02:29 PM internut: massages?
02:29 PM robotustra: every one see
02:29 PM JT-Shop: I need a massage
02:29 PM Tom_L: :)
02:29 PM internut: I need one too
02:29 PM pink_vampire: *messages
02:29 PM robotustra: massge yourself
02:30 PM JT-Shop: I think I can dnc from the hard drive
02:30 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, i wouldn't use the one from smartcam
02:30 PM JT-Shop: ok
02:30 PM Tom_L: you can
02:30 PM Tom_L: i was reading that but i didn't know if you could copy the files there
02:31 PM Tom_L: the sc one is too hard to configure. that's probably why we never used it
02:31 PM Tom_L: procomm, realterm are easy or that one Roguish suggested
02:31 PM pink_vampire: oh ok! cool, I just not sure how to install it on my computer, with the ssd, some people say it is a bad idea to use swap with ssd, and other say it is fine.
02:32 PM robotustra: pink_vampire, what do you install?
02:32 PM pink_vampire: linuxcnc, debian 10
02:32 PM robotustra: to use swap it's ok
02:32 PM robotustra: on ssd on linux
02:33 PM robotustra: it's not a good idea to use it with swap on windows xp
02:33 PM internut: is there some reason to believe you need swap space?
02:34 PM pink_vampire: The computer is HP dc7900 with cpu E5200 and 3gb ram, and 2 SSDs that I want to install in raid 1 configuration.
02:34 PM robotustra: yeah, how big is your ram?
02:34 PM pink_vampire: 3gb
02:34 PM robotustra: not much
02:34 PM robotustra: what OS?
02:34 PM robotustra: ah
02:34 PM robotustra: linux
02:34 PM internut: I think swap is bad on SSD because SSD has limitations on how many writes it can handle
02:35 PM robotustra: I think it could be more than 5 years of use before it will need to bechanged
02:36 PM robotustra: it's not a compact flash, it's nmore durable
02:36 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, they also suggest swapping your floppy for a zip drive but i doubt you can find one now
02:36 PM pink_vampire: this is why I want to use raid and then every 2 years to just replace one drive.
02:37 PM robotustra: pink_vampire, the best solution is to make a separate drive for /home/user and back up it from time to time
02:38 PM robotustra: if the system will die, wou just install new one and mount your home data
02:38 PM pink_vampire: on my other linux cnc I did soo many changes to the bin and other and changed alot of other stuff.
02:39 PM robotustra: so, just do dd backup
02:40 PM robotustra: life teached me to keep all my changes in a user directory to not depend on system
02:40 PM JT-Shop: the file is not that big and I have a zip drive in the beer cave lol
02:41 PM JT-Shop: I keep reading you can dnc from the floppy or hard drive but not how to do it
02:43 PM pink_vampire: I have backups, but just to plug a disk is soo much more easy.
02:43 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, did that forum article cover it?
02:43 PM Tom_L: i didn't read it all
02:44 PM pink_vampire: apparently this cute pc can support up to 8gb of ram!
02:44 PM robotustra: so, just get more ram
02:45 PM robotustra: pink_vampire, do you want to speed up your pc by chaging hard drive to ssd?
02:47 PM JT-Shop: that post mostly talks about a zip drive but no mention of how you actually dnc from the drive
02:47 PM Tom_L: i'm reading #4 now
02:48 PM Tom_L: can you copy the program from a floppy to the hdd?
02:48 PM JT-Shop: yes that is no problem
02:48 PM Tom_L: i probably wouldn't dnc from the floppy but you probably could
02:51 PM Tom_L: acording to that moderator, the serial port on the cnc doesn't support dnc anyway
02:51 PM Tom_L: wtf good is it then?
02:54 PM JT-Shop: WOW I found the run from dnc button
02:54 PM Tom_L: AWESOME!
02:54 PM pink_vampire: robotustra, no it is small form factor computer, and the only disks I have for it are 2 120GB SSDs
02:54 PM Tom_L: your easiest bet will either be the hdd or serial cable
02:54 PM JT-Shop: and it's RUNNING the program
02:54 PM Tom_L: you copied it to the hdd?
02:56 PM JT-Shop: hmm well no it just ran the last file I loaded...
02:56 PM JT-Shop: more guessing and poking
02:57 PM Tom_L: F7 LOAD FROM ?
02:57 PM robotustra: pink_vampire, ok
03:01 PM JT-Shop: F7 will erase the file
03:01 PM Tom_L: don't do that !
03:03 PM JT-Shop: F10 in the run menu Set DNC, pick input type drive or serial, select the file, then you must RESET or you get the last file
03:03 PM Tom_L: it probably writes the input source to flash
03:04 PM Tom_L: remember to set it back if it does
03:04 PM Tom_L: you can try running it from a floppy if it lets you
03:05 PM JT-Shop: it sets the file pointer to the file
03:05 PM Tom_L: the program may/could pause while it accesses it
03:05 PM Tom_L: ahh
03:06 PM Tom_L: my bud would always buy the machines maxed out with memory :)
03:07 PM JT-Shop: pause on the floppy?
03:07 PM Tom_L: it's possible
03:07 PM JT-Shop: easy to just copy to the hd
03:07 PM Tom_L: i would \
03:07 PM Tom_L: as long as you can point to the file that's what i would do
03:10 PM Tom_L: surfaces produce big files
03:12 PM Tom_L: you _could_ load a MSCDEX cd driver in your autoexec and add a cdrom to it
03:13 PM Tom_L: i probably still have a few different dos cd drivers around here somewhere
03:29 PM JT-Shop: I probably have a few isa cd drives
03:30 PM Tom_L: if you're gonna start running bigger programs that may be an option
03:31 PM Tom_L: if they get too big to fit on a floppy then you'll have to do something different
03:33 PM CaptHindsight: test, ignore me
03:34 PM CaptHindsight[m]: is works?
03:34 PM CaptHindsight: yes!
03:43 PM CaptHindsight[m]: the bridge from the matrix is starting to work
04:12 PM JT-Shop: hmm must be broken...
04:15 PM rs[m]: not sure what kind of bridge CaptHindsight is talking about. connecting to individual freenode (and now libera) channels from within matrix was possible like forever.
04:16 PM rs[m]: bridged nicks get [m] added
04:16 PM rs[m]: but that doesn't mean linuxcnc-room in matrix is bridged into freenode resp. libera
04:18 PM JT-Shop: at one time I think Turboss had a room to room bridge IIRC
04:23 PM Tom_L: i had it working once
04:24 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, you get the file to run?
04:24 PM JT-Shop: yeah
04:25 PM Tom_L: cool
04:25 PM _unreal_: so I got an other laser etching job
04:33 PM CaptHindsight[m]: yes, qtpyvcp matrix to freenode #hazzy did work
04:35 PM CaptHindsight[m]: still waiting for matrix libera room to room bridge
04:35 PM CaptHindsight[m]: qtpyvcp matrix to Discord qtpyvcp is also working
04:36 PM CaptHindsight[m]: waiting for the Discord LCNC admin to accept the bridge from Matrix LCNC
05:02 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, you have that manual in pdf?
05:07 PM JT-Shop: the dx-32?
05:07 PM Tom_L: yeah
05:07 PM JT-Shop: aye
05:07 PM Tom_L: i just saved it in case you didn't
05:09 PM Tom_L: odd it wouldn't let me save it, had to print to pdf
05:09 PM JT-Shop: https://gnipsel.com/files/discovery-308/DX32%20Operator%20Manual.pdf
05:09 PM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/JT-SHOP/DX32%20Complete%20Op%20Manual.pdf
05:09 PM Tom_L: :)
05:17 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, does onecnc let you edit the post?
05:20 PM JT-Shop: yeah
05:21 PM JT-Shop: I also have the original printed copy of the dx-32, g code and discovery 308
05:27 PM rene-dev: JT-Shop i just found your excellent mesa config tools, I think they should be included in linuxcnc by default!
05:29 PM JT-Shop: thanks, I don't want to step on Chris's toes so if he doesn't mind I'm all for it
05:30 PM JT-Shop: the 7i96 is the most polished, however they use python => 3.6 and pyqt5
05:31 PM Tom_L: maybe an option to include them on install?
05:31 PM JT-Shop: I have a latency-histogram launcher that I'd like to include but not sure where to put it
05:31 PM JT-Shop: that's above my pay grade :)
05:32 PM JT-Shop: I'm building debs so maybe a link on the download page???
05:32 PM Tom_L: i think it's been brought up before and i'm not sure what the conclusion was
05:32 PM Tom_L: that would be good
05:32 PM JT-Shop: hmm that page is pretty full with old versions of emc
05:33 PM Tom_L: the wiki is full of outdated stuff
05:33 PM Tom_L: but maybe some still get something from it
05:34 PM JT-Shop: hmm my conversational g code tool could replace the 'wizard' that never got finished
05:36 PM JT-Shop: wow the wiz has not been touched in 12 years
05:36 PM JT-Shop: I think it's doa
05:39 PM XXCoder: 12 years?
05:39 PM XXCoder: id say so yes
05:40 PM XXCoder: docs tend to be flaw of open source
05:51 PM JT-Shop: tomorrow is going to be nice then a week of rain :(
05:52 PM XXCoder: me? i prefer week of rain over week of 90+f
05:52 PM JT-Shop: XXCoder, did you see where I can DNC from the hard drive on the 308 a file too large to load
05:52 PM JT-Shop: if it fits on a floppy I can run it
05:52 PM XXCoder: DNC?
05:53 PM JT-Shop: hmm I think that means digital nc ie drip feeding a file into a cnc control
05:55 PM XXCoder: internut: last i read japanese was working on SSD that can rework a data block a time to refresh it. meaning millions of writes life, way more than hard drive writes
05:55 PM XXCoder: jt ahh interesting
05:57 PM Tom_L: JT-Shop, i bet you could make a cable and do it from the serial port for an unlimited file size
05:57 PM XXCoder: theres fake hard drive and fake floppy disk emulators too
05:57 PM Tom_L: since it lets you pick that option. that forum guy must have had an older control
05:58 PM Tom_L: hard to emulate some things in dos
05:58 PM XXCoder: theres one that acts as 3.14 floppy disk, and you press button to "switch" disks. 99 of "disks" exist
05:58 PM XXCoder: tom yeah its hardware emulator
05:58 PM XXCoder: os detect it as just hard drive or disk
05:59 PM Tom_L: dos may or may not
05:59 PM XXCoder: it cant detect the difference, it interfaces as hard drive or floppy drive
06:00 PM XXCoder: unlike most emulators, it dont need any host program in os
06:01 PM XXCoder: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floppy_disk_hardware_emulator example
06:04 PM XXCoder: more hacky, for hard drive for old ibm 5150 https://hackaday.com/2015/08/11/emulating-a-hard-drive-with-the-raspberry-pi/
06:04 PM JT-Shop: XXCoder, the 308 runs on a 386 running dos 6.22
06:05 PM JT-Shop: Tom_L, I never make a g code file larger than a floppy :) I know never say never
06:06 PM XXCoder: yeah most gcode isnt that large. couple mb at most
06:06 PM XXCoder: unless youre doing engraving from picture then it can be truly large
06:10 PM Tom_L: just might be a backup if the floppy ever dies
06:11 PM XXCoder: yeah
06:11 PM Tom_L: when you selected the file from the hdd did it start running or did you press cycle start?
06:12 PM Tom_L: some of them once you set up dnc you go to the pc and start the download and the machine takes off running
06:12 PM XXCoder: brb gonna reboot
06:12 PM XXCoder: tom wow thats something i never seen
06:12 PM JT-Shop: after selecting the file you had to press the reload button to move the file pointer to the start of that file then press auto then press start
06:12 PM Tom_L: should be safe then :)
06:13 PM JT-Shop: it's so safe if I forget the sequence it won't run
06:13 PM Tom_L: we had one tree with a really bastard control
06:13 PM Tom_L: he finally got rid of it
06:15 PM -!- #linuxcnc mode set to +v by ChanServ
06:28 PM JT-Shop: time to retire to the couch
06:28 PM XXCoder: fun
06:32 PM _unreal_: love it, working on a paid etching tonight